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Friday, April 30, 2010

A Local Event (if you live in NC)

Tomorrow one of our retailers "B&M store" Babiology is hosting a huge Cloth Diaper Event. It is called "Denim And Diapers"The event is from 10 am to 2pm on Fairview Road in the 5 Points District. This is going to be so much fun. At 10 am they will go over all the great things about cloth diapering and the difference in the types of diapers. They will also have information available about cleaning services for cloth diapers.
The "denim" part of their event is for maternity clothes. The will have premium used Denim maternity clothes on Saturday. Babiology also is an ultra cute consignment shop specializing in high end children's clothing.
This Event will be too much fun I am sure. Our diapers will be there too. Unfortunately I will not be able to go. I have an obligation I cannot abandon. Babiology will have a great sale and there is a special offer on the Bum Essentials Bumbino and Bum Bag. "Buy 2 diapers get a FREE travel "Bum Bag" or "Buy 3 Bumbinos get a FREE Laundry Bum Bag". This offer is only available @Babiology .
If you are lucky enough to live in the area- Go on down and support Cloth Diapering and you'll have a chance to see our Bumbino up close!
Have a Great Weekend.

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