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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Best Overall Diaper

Yes it is true. Babble.com just rated Bum Essentials "Best Overall Diaper". We are so happy to have gained recognition for the Bumbino. Be sure to head over to Babble.com and read all about it. Babble is one of the fastest growing online parenting magazines. From pregnancy to toddlers you will find your info here.
Hopefully by now you have had a chance to try our diapering system. If not or if you are looking to add to your current Fluffy Stash visit a retailer that carries our line. Our prices have gotten even better since the holidays. Our one size Bumbino is ONLY $17.99. That is the shell with 1 set of Bum Pads. Bum Pads too are now even more affordable. Being sold at $7.99 makes them a great buy. All natural organic materials. Cotton and Bamboo make the inserts super absorbent and naturally bacterial resistant.
Listed on this page are fine retailers that carry Bum Essentials. Happy Shopping!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Travels with Cloth

The holiday season is fast approaching. The year really flies by especially when you have little ones. With the holidays just around the corner I am sure you are making travel plans. You are probably contemplating disposables or cloth while you are on the road. It has been my experience that using cloth just takes some retraining. We are so use to our convenient disposable society. Now that I am retrained in the brain-(haha) I find using cloth anywhere is no problem. Here are a few tips to help make your travels with cloth easier.

1- A Bum Bag is a must have- there are 2 sizes, they close with a drawstring, are double lined, reversible for different colors, and hold a lot of dirties. here is some more info about the Bum Bag

2- Longer trips with no access to laundry- click here for some great tips

3-Call ahead for a laundry service if staying in a hotel

4-Mall trips- I take 2 Bum Bags- 1 for clean and 1 for dirty also a good idea for on the road.

This will also help get you started. Here are some great links for more detailed info.

That should get you off to a good start and you have plenty of time to plan out your travels. Don't forget to pick up a couple of Bum Bags for the road.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cloth Diapers are Sweet Relief for Sensitive Babies

A while back we had ask if anyone wanted to Guest Blog and share stories about Bum Essentials or cloth diapers in general. Today Anastasia joins us to share her cloth diapering experience. Here is a link to her Blog Eco-Babyz. Thank you for sharing with us. Take it away Anastasia-

"I knew about cloth diapers before our daughter was born, but I just thought I wouldn't have the time for the extra loads of laundry. The birth came and went, we stuck with our chlorine free disposables. After six months I was running out of ideas for how to ease my baby's diaper rash suffering. She had very sensitive skin and even got rashes from some types of clothing fabrics. I've tried about six different natural diaper creams, nothing was really working. I had to apply cream at every change, it was messy and especially annoying when visiting friends and family. There was relief from creams, but the problem was not being solved and it looked like there was no end in sight!

Finally, on a warm summer day, it dawned on me that the one thing we haven't tried were cloth diapers! It was as if I finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Since I was a complete newbie, I did my share of research and finally got some basic modern cloth diapers to try. To say I was excited when they arrived is an understatement! We started with just five and I did laundry every day. I was surprised at how little time it took and how much easier it was than I thought it would be. But best of all, our rash was completely gone in all of two days to never come back again! No creams, no screams, just fluffy goodness.

If you are a mother with a sensitive baby, you will understand what a huge relief it is to have your baby's bum clear and rash free. I was elated and regretted I didn't go the cloth route from the beginning. Not only did I now have a happy, healthy baby, but I knew we would save a lot of money in the long run as well. Our stash now includes fourteen various diapers and we've already saved almost a thousand dollars in just one year. Among other benefits, our baby has been going on the potty for almost a year and loves it - so complete potty training isn't something we fear in the future. Above all, a rash free baby is truly a priceless benefit!"

Anastasia is a happily married mom to one precious toddler girl. At Eco-Babyz.com she blogs about attachment parenting, Eco living, toxins in our everyday environment, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, baby wearing, and healthy food.

If you want to share with us e-mail us your guest posting at reviews@bumessentials.com

Monday, October 4, 2010

And The Winner is

Thanks to everybody who commented on the Bumbino. We have a winner as chosen by Random.org Congratulations to Chelsey. Comment #16
Chelyeah said...

I love that BE are AI2's and have front elastic. I haven't shopped with her yet, but my favorite retailer is Anna with The Baby Store Plus because she's so sweet :)
Chelsey.Varela AT gmail DOT com

You can claim your prize by e-mailing us at windiapers@bumessentials.com !!

Don't forget the special sales posted below at the retailers that participated in the Twitter Party. They are good for a limited time.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What A Party - 2 For Tues! Post Party Giveaway!

We showed Tuesday nights rock for cloth diaper chatter.Thanks to everybody who came out and joined in the fun. We has a great turnout. There was a lot of "Tweeting" going on. I hope if you were new to Bum Essentials you learned more about our line and why it is unique. If you are a current user you probably enjoyed the teases about the new additions in the future. We have been listening to your wants and needs and we will continue to do so.

The retailers of Bum Essentials are offering great post party specials. This is a great time to add to or build a fluffy stash. Here is a list with links to their stores.

The Baby Store Plus – Save 15% off with code BUME15 until 10/15/10

Happy Baby Bum – Buy 2 Bumbino’s and get a free BumPad (no code required) + FREE shipping on any BumEssentials order over $25 through 10/5/10 (code TWITTER)

Cloth Diaper U - Save 5% off all products (except bumGenius) contact them for details on how to claim $5 shipping all the time OR Free shipping on orders $75 +

Diaper Junction – Save 10% with code BUM10 + get FREE shipping on any BumEssentials order.

Fluff Envy – Buy one Bumbino – Get one Bumbino HALF OFF with code HALFBUM!
*Please contact the retailers for complete rules and expiration dates.


If you were lucky enough to win a prize at Tuesday nights party Congrats. If you were not a winner last night maybe you could be today. Bum Essentials is giving away-
1 Bumbino with 1 additional Classic Bum Pad

Here is how you can be entered to win
Post a comment below about what you like about Bum Essentials or what you learned about Bum Essentials and where you like to shop for your fluff. We will select 1 winner at random on Monday October 4th, 2010. Entries close Sunday October 3 midnight. We will post the winner on Monday so be sure to check back. You will have 24 hours to claim your prize. If the prize is not claimed another winner will be selected at random.

For comments to win be sure to include What you like or learned about BE and where you like to buy your fluff. No anonymous entries so will be able to identify a winner.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Twitter Party- Tweet- Tweet

Save the date Tuesday, September 28th, at 9pm EST. It is a Twitter Party and it is all about Bum Essentials and where you can find Bum Essentials. If you have been to a Twitter Party before you know what to expect. Lots and lots of chatter. It is great. You can go dressed however you want (PJ's). You can take little breaks- put the kids back in bed get another cup of coffee- and no-one will ever know you stepped away. So yes someone can be chatting with you and you can walk off and it is not rude. You don't have to cut them off or excuse yourself. When you are ready to join back in you pick up where you left off. How easy is that. I know some say "I have been to a twitter party and was lost". Now this is not how it should be. I say visit the "Using the Tweet Grid" page and practice a few times before the party. Once you see how that works you will find it easy to use and be able to follow the party without feeling lost.
So what will we talk about at the party. Many things I am sure. Our main objective is to introduce you to retailers that carry our products. Since we are a newer line of Fluff some may not know where to find our products. Not all the retailers that carry our line will be joining us the night of the party. So be sure to view the right side of our blog to see a complete list. These fine stores are also contributing great prizes. Be sure visit the EcoChic Parties to sign up and see a complete list of GREAT prizes.
You will also learn more about Bum Essentials if you are not familiar with our products. You can ask questions about our products and learn tips and tricks for cloth diapering in general. You don't want to miss out. I'll see you there.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Fluff Mail is Here!!!

Thank You Kristen for sharing your Bumbino experience. The stage is all yours.

"My fluffy mail is HERE!!!!

When my Bum Essentials package came in the mail, I was squealing! I mean, how amazing to get such a huge stash of diapers and wetbags just for sharing my cloth diapering story. I feel so honored to be able to share my experience with Bum Essentials diapers with you all, and the opportunity to show off some pretty adorable pictures of my littlest sweetheart too!
Day 1: My diapers are here!! (Or Harper's diapers, rather...) Time to prep! There were no instructions on the diapers on how to prepare the Bumbinos for use, and since I am still sort of new, and only familiar with microfiber, I decided to shoot Bum Essentials a message via Facebook. I had a reply within minutes...talk about great customer service! I was excited to find out I only had to wash 2 or 3 times before using! So, into the wash they went...

Day 2: The wetbag/laundry bag! I have to admit that during my excitement with the diapers yesterday, I didn't pay much attention to the wetbag and laundry bag. But today, I noticed! These are REALLY nice. Double-layered, thick, soft, and REVERSIBLE!! The laundry bag fits perfectly in my diaper pail, and the little bit that hangs over the rim looks so nice...not like the plastic-y, cheap PUL bag I had. I can tell these bags are going to last a loooong time! I wasn't sure if I would like the drawstring closure on the wetbag when I was out and about, but it works rather nicely. All odors are kept at bay, and it really is easier than a zippered bag to open and close. My Bum Essentials wetbag is now the one that is always in my diaper bag

Back to the diapers... I was so excited to try out the Bumbino diapers on Harper, my 12 month old daughter. I couldn't decide which color to choose first, they are all so vibrant and beautiful! I went with the green, which is my favorite color. I was super impressed with the fit! Harper is a skinny girl, so I was very thrilled that the hook and loop closure crossed over to get a really nice and tight fit. And did I mention the elastic in the FRONT of the diaper?? How wonderful for my crawling girl! I didn't have to worry about the BIG gap in the front that her other diapers have. I was impressed that the diapers fit her when set on the middle rise setting. Which is exactly where I think she should be since she is in the 'middle' of her diapered-life! I can see that the Bum Essentials diapers will fit a TINY baby all the way through potty-training.

Day 3: Thanks to the all-in-2 style of Bumbino diapers and the extra bum-pads I received, I am able to exclusively use Bum Essentials diapers! This is great so I can really get a feel for these diapers and subsequently fall in love with them (which I surely have...)! Last night was Harper's first "Bumbino overnight". I used the Terry-towel bum pad, I love how soft and cozy it is. I did lay a fleece liner on top of it, because Harper is very sensitive to moisture against her skin. This morning, I was a little nervous going into her room (aren't we all after the first night with a new diaper?). Impressed is not a big enough word. Not only did I find that the Bumbino did not leak, the Bum Pad was so absorbent that the Bumbino itself was DRY! I could reuse it if I wanted to!

So today, I tried out the Classic Pad for the first time. I have preferred the terry towels because of their softness so far... The Classic pad became very hard and stiff when it got wet. It did not seem to bother Harper at all however, so we kept using them throughout the day. Again, I am impressed by the absorbency--these pads can hold a lot of pee!

Still Day 3: Time to do diaper laundry! Call me crazy, but I love doing diaper laundry! It is an ongoing "project" for me to find the right routine using my HE washer. I double checked all the laundry tabs on the Bumbinos' hook and loop closures, and threw everything in the wash.... 3 hours later, I was ready to dry the diapers. I was very excited that all the laundry tabs stayed in place during the wash! Thankfully it was a beautiful day so I could hang them outside to dry. A few hours later, I pulled them off the line and tossed the Bum Pads in the dryer for about 15 minutes to fluff them up. They were so FRESH! I really like the smell of the natural fibers in the Bum Essentials diapers, they smell like...nothing! I have noticed that my microfiber inserts from other diapers always have a smell to them...I wish I would have known about Bum Essentials from the beginning!

Day 4: Trying out the classic Bum Pad again. Maybe they just needed that extra wash, because they seem a lot softer today.

Day 5..6..7..8..9..10: I have been using our Bumbino diapers for 10 days!! Even if I wasn't journaling my experience, I would pick these first out of my diaper stash. They are so easy to use, fit PERFECTLY, never leak, and wash so well! They always smell so clean after being washed. I am going to refer anyone with an HE machine to use these diapers. They just don't hold that stink in like microfiber. I really love these diapers, and have yet to experience a "diaper chain" in the washer or dryer, a problem I have heard others complain about when using hook and loop-closure diapers.

Day 11..12..13..14: Two weeks and still going strong! I need to add in that my husband loves these diapers too. Who can argue with a daddy-friendly diaper? The Classic Bum Pads just keep getting softer! They still get a little stiff when wet, but it is not a problem! It's not like cardboard stiff, or uncomfortable for Harper at all. It is almost nice because I know exactly when she pees and needs to be changed! ...and they are SO absorbent! I still prefer the Terry Towel however. I just LOVE how soft it is, how easy it is to rinse off the poo, and how much it absorbs while still feeling squishy-soft! And the Bumbino itself still looks amazing after several washes. The super soft interior has not pilled up at all, and is just so buttery soft, I wish I could wear them myself! HAHA!

I can't thank Bum Essentials Diapers enough for this experience! I truly love everything about these diapers! From how they look, to how they fit, to how they wash and still look BRAND new after nearly a month of everyday use. The colors are so beautiful. While they don't come in a ton of different colors or prints, the choices they do have are so nice, I really don't find myself wishing for more options, except maybe a white, I do LOVE a white cloth diaper!
Oh, and the wetbag and laundry bag? Still loving them. Still look like I just took them out of the package. I will recommend Bum Essentials to everyone I know. I would give these diapers 5 stars, even if I didn't receive them as a prize. They are amazing, wonderful, and our go-to diaper!

I am so grateful that my essay was chosen so I got the wonderful opportunity to build my diaper stash with Bum Essentials diapers. I am now able to cloth diaper full time withOUT having to do laundry every single day. So, I thank you so very much for helping me to save our planet! Oh, and my 6 year old who inspired my family to convert to cloth? She thanks you too... She calls the Bumbinos her gift to her baby sister. How right she is! "

Cute Baby

Cute Baby
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