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Friday, May 21, 2010

Caring for Your Bumbino

Now that you are experiencing your Bumbino Diaper I thought I would share a few tips on making sure it is well cared for. These tips are also useful for any velcro one size diaper. I do have experience in this department or at least from the other end. LOL I am usually the one that waits as long as possible to do the laundry and I don't always follow the care directions. Maybe I should say there are others in my household who don't always follow the care for rules and I don't realize until I take them (all at onetime) out of the washer. My fluffy stash does survive, however if you want your Fluffy Stash to be looking close to new here are some great tips to keep it lasting.
1- ALWAYS Fold back the laundry tabs. This will prevent the daisy chain from coming out of the washer. It may make less work if they are all tied up and one long chain that lifts straight from the washer to the dryer BUT it will damage the tabs over time and it can also pick the diapers.
2-Use the Snaps Carefully- Don't grab and pull as hard as you can on the material to unsnap the Bum Pads from the micro-fleece. The snaps are there to help stabilize the inserts to make it easy to put on. Micro-fleece is a durable material that does not tear easily but that doesn't mean you can use brute force and rip the Bum pads straight out of the diaper. Hold as close to the snaps and then unsnap.(this is why there are no snaps in the back of our Bumbino- I really don't want to get that close to poop) The same is true for the adjustable snaps on the front of the diaper. It is best you hold closely to the snaps when unsnapping. This is good info for any diaper.
3-Detach Bum Pads from Bumbino prior to Washing and Drying- You will have those heavy wet pads pulling on your diaper as it tosses around your washer and dryer. This will become even more of a mess if you haven't secured the laundry tabs. Keep in mind our Bum Pads only attach at one end of the diaper so the pads are dragging the diaper around by 2 snaps. The Bum Pads will also extend out far enough to wrap around other diapers in the washer or dryer adding to the weight. So UnSnap before the Bath!
4-Bleach and Fabric Softner will breakdown Material overtime- I use bleach on my Hubby's T-shirts and after a few months they are see thru so Just imagine what it could do to your Fluffy Stash. Fabric softener also eats away the material plus it is usually loaded with perfumes that could irritate your baby.
5-Carefully select your detergent- you want to avoid a lot of stain removing properties and enzymes. Click here for a laundry chart guide.
6-Don't dry on Scorching Temperatures- When possible line dry. This not only saves your diapers but it saves on energy and there is nothing like a good ole sun bleaching. The sun can naturally bleach your inserts and kill bacteria.

There you have it- Your Bumbino can stay as good as the day you first opened it.

Monday, May 17, 2010

How did you enjoy #operationfluffy? Thanks to TheEcoChic and DirtyDiaperLaundry we all set out to let everybody know how great cloth diapers are. We wanted to trend the topic but I was informed there was some big game on that night limiting our chances. It was not from a lack of trying. I heard there was over 3000 tweets from party attendees. It was all about how great cloth diapers are. If you attended you certainly learned some new benefit to using cloth diapers. The benefits included- Easy on the environment (no trees cut down to make cloth diapers and no landfills piled up with cloth diapers) Easy on the Wallet (this is a biggie) most say you will save about $1500 per child after you invest in your fluffy stash. Easy on the baby- lessens diaper rash- and from personal experience by far reduces diaper rashes. Easy on the eye- what baby doesn’t look cute in a fluff covered bum. Easy to use- a variety of styles to choose from suiting any parent’s needs. Easy to care for- Come on today’s washer comes with a setting for cloth diapers (this is how I discovered modern cloth) dump in add detergent and press a button- whew makes me work up a sweat just thinking about it- LOL And for those who say this waste energy – I saw many pictures of line drying cloth diapers- that in itself saves $$.

I can quote a few of my favorite tweets I heard- “Would you wear paper underwear” , “no one throws away clothes after one use so why a diaper” , “cloth is the new black”,

Share what you learned or your favorite tweets.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Ok so it is another Twitter party but this is a little different. Apparently there was supposed to be a Cloth Diaper manufacturer on the Ellen Show before Mother's Day. I know it wasn't Bum Essentials but other than that I have no idea anymore info on who was supposed to appear. Well as it turns out a disposable diaper company got in and the Cloth Manufacture was supposedly out. Well anyway cloth diapers aren't going to take this being tossed to the side. We want to be heard so we are going to tweet away and let everybody know what is so great about cloth diapers. Join in the Fun cause Twitter Parties are always fun. For great info on how to upload pictures and more about what really happened head on over to the Dirty Diaper Laundry where you always get the real scoop on the poop. Join in this Thursday night at 9 #operationfluffy. We want to Trend again so everyone will know about Cloth Diapers.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Twitter Party- Tweet- Tweet

I am so excited to be having a Twitter Party . I went to Diaper Shops party last week. That one really rocked. In case you weren't there- there were so many people talking about #diapershops that it trended #4- meaning it was the 4th most talked about subject in the world. Cloth Diaper lovers all chatting at one time about their passion.

Well tonight it is all about Bum Essentials Diapers and any other cloth diapering info you want to share. I am all about cloth however you may choose- (just make sure you choose Bum Essentials lol) No really choosing to use cloth is 1- So much better for your baby (I know this from diaper rash experiences) 2-So much better for the environment (less trees to make paper diapers and your trash is decreased by almost half ) 3-EASY yes I said EASY. Do you really think disposable diaper companies want you to think cloth is easy NO less $$. So we are convinced by society cloth is nasty and hard. Let me ask you this- Have you ever used a disposable and had a "poop shooter". Don't know what that is well here is the definition - Poop that shoots out of the diaper and up the back of the baby usually to the mid back or neck. Now that is nasty and has NEVER happened to me with a Bumbino. Before I used cloth I had a poop shooter in a department store with no extra clothes and maybe 6 wipes. lol You can imagine. It happened to me another time in January with no extra clothes in a restaurant in front of a friend I hadn't seen in years. I felt like a terrible mom. No extra clothes and a stinky poop covered crying baby. Nice! Poop shooters are nasty to clean up after. You have to pull the soiled clothes over the head of the baby and be sure not get any on the poor child. Then figure out what to do with all of these soiled clothes and how to clean the baby up all while trying to keep poop off of you both. I guess you have the picture- vivid- or you have been there- So which is worse a cloth diaper (toss it in a wet bag then the wash) and rediaper the baby or try to be Houdini and do the greatest magic trick ever. All right enough rambling on why cloth is great back to the party.

Twitter Parties are great- You can be in your PJ's kick back on the couch and attend a party. You can be early or a little late and it's all good. Meet new friends(put the kids back to bed) and never miss a thing. No babysitter required. Just in case you are a little anxious and don't know how a Twitter Party works CLICK HERE

I told my 5 year old I had a party tonite. Boy she thought she was missing out. She asked who and what was going on. I told her it was cloth diapers. She busted out laughing. She has no intention of coming along with mom now. Oh well.

I sure hope everybody has fun tonite and shares their Bum Essentials experiences or asks what they want to know about BE. Let's have fun and TREND.
Be sure to RSVP and head over to our Face Book page around 8 or so for a little pre party fun!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Bumbino at the Beach

What a weekend. We spent our Sunday at the Beach. The Bumbino was a trooper thru the sand and the waves. It was low tide and we were only in a tidal pool which the kids loved. So sorry there are no pictures. Trying to protect electronics from the water, take pictures and keep your eye on the little ones is a bit too much but I will get that beach shot in the Bumbino at some point. First of all let me say my little man was way too cute in his Bumble Blue Bumbino. He looked comfortable too. I saw another baby in a sposie. Actually she didn’t look happy. She looked stiff like she didn’t want to move around. My little man was running and crawling through the sand. He was sitting in the tidal pool grabbing handfuls of sand and throwing them back into the water. He loved it. After a while he was tired and we had to convince the other 3 it was time to go. The tidal pool that had formed as the tide went out was so much fun for all these kids. I sure hope we can catch one another day. We finally did leave and rinsed off the kids before we packed up the car to come home. The baby was covered in sand up to his thighs. He wasn’t so happy about the hose down so I made it quick. I got to the car and took off his wet Bumbino and was thinking how I was going to get all the sand off the diaper area. You know that mystery sand that ends up in the swimsuits. I took the diaper off and much to my surprise – ONLY 2 grains of sand were in the diaper. Incredible- all of this playing around in the sand and water and he was sand free inside the diaper. So I have a new testimony “Not only does the Bumbino do a great job at not leaking – It does a great job at keeping the Sand out.” No wonder he was such a happy boy at the beach!

I almost forgot. We had also taken our large Bum Bag. It was perfect for all of the wet sandy swimsuits.

Cute Baby

Cute Baby
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