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Saturday, April 10, 2010

What is A Bum Bag?

A Bum Bag is our version of a wet bag. It is a place to keep your dirties until wash day. We have 2 sizes. One for the laundry- fits an eight gallon trash can or diaper pail and one for running around town- will hold about 4 diapers.
What is great and unique is our Bum Bag is reversible. The colors coordinate with our diapers. Want to change colors of your bag- no problem - just turn it inside out. how easy is that.
The other great feature is the quality. There have been many comments on how nice our Bum Bags are. I am even questioned about the price being to low- can you believe that? The price is so our customers can complete their diapering system. You can't very well call it green if you are using a plastic trash bag to line your pail. You will end up using a new trash bag each time- I know this from experience.
I do think you need 2 of each size. The price is nice so you can do this without blowing your budget. Why 2? Well on laundry day you toss diapers and bag right in to the washer- What do you do with the dirty diapers while the bag is being cleaned? See the reason for the 2nd bag. Same with the small bag. Maybe you just ran around town on Monday- today is Tuesday and you have a Dr's appointment- where is that bag- ugh it is full of dirties waiting on the wash. I also suggest 2 when running around because- I put snacks and juice boxes in one- if I have a juice box blow up it's not in my purse or diaper bag. Or you can keep clean diapers in one and dirties in another.
Let us know what you think about our Bum Bag. Share with us and followers what other uses you have found for the bag.

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