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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Party Time

Happy 9th Birthday Kelly's Closet
Join the #DiaperShops Twitter Party
Thursday, April 29th
9pm ET

It's a party. Pre-register for your chance to win an I-Pad. I went to the Get Real Diapers last week. It was so much fun. The tweeting was real fast and at times I felt lost. Of course I hadn't been to many Twitter Parties before. I then discovered "Dummies Guide To Twitter Parties". Please read if you are new to the Tweeting Party concept. It made more sense to me. This will certainly help.
I am looking forward to tonight's party. Kelly's Closet just recently added our complete Cloth Diaper line to their store.
We will be hosting our own Twitter Party next Thursday, May 6 @ 9pm. Sign up if you haven't already. There is an A-Z Kit and more that will be given away. It is a great opportunity to learn about all of our products and see what others are saying.
See you tonight!

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