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Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Great Review

This was the review we received from DandyGiveaway.

I'm loving cloth diapers! Wish that I had started using them ages ago actually. Who doesn't love saving money and the environment at the same time? The only downside is the amount of wash that I've been doing. With pocket diapers or all in ones you have to change out the entire diaper at every changing. So you have the outside of the diaper plus the inserts to wash. That laundry load can add up really quickly with the number of changings a baby needs in a day! Fortunately there is a brand new cloth diapering line on the market that has the solution for this downside and it's fabulous! Bum Essentials seriously has such a great concept. The liners literally snap into the shell/cover:

Then as long as the shell isn't soiled you can just change out the liner for a fresh one at changing time! Isn't that soooooo very great? So you might only end up using 2-3 shells in one day; instead of 6-12 other cloth diapers. Plus, the shells have snaps on the outside that can shorten the over all length of the diaper making it one-size. You can use the same diaper from birth to potty training which is a great thing in my opinion!
Bum Essentials recently sent me a shell in Giddy Up Green:
(Each shell comes with 1 set of "TheTerry Towel" Bum Pads.)
Matching Bum Bag:
Two types of Bum Pads... "The Classic" and "The Terry Towel".
Both types are high quality and super soft. Made from a mix of organic bamboo and cotton.
So I have to tell you that I love cloth diapering and I love the Bum Essentials diapering line! Who wouldn't love having to do less laundry? :) Another thing that I love about Bum Essentials is the versatility of the colors of shells...

They are gender universal! Translating into the same diapers being used for another boy or girl baby down the line. Due to the quality that is in each item at Bum Essentials they can definitely be used from one baby to the next!

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