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Saturday, April 10, 2010


The "Bumbino" is our new all in one cloth diaper. All in one is probably the best way to describe it since there is not pocket to place your absorbency pad(s). Our "Bum Pads" snap in place. There are two side by side snaps in the front of the diaper. The "Bum Pad simply snaps into place and is easily change out instead of changing the whole diaper. I also think this is much easier to clean. It makes for less laundry too. Another nice feature is the ability to snap together multiple inserts for extra absorbency. For those who like to get a little extra time out of the diaper or for those heavy wetters you have the option of adding more pads.
We have two types of "Bum Pads" to choose from. Both are made from Bamboo and Cotton but one has 10% polyester added for flexibility. This is the thinnest pad I have seen. It adds the least amount of bulk to the diaper without compromising the absorbency. The other pad- we call "The Classic" (seen in photo) is similar to hemp styles but is more readily absorbent and with all bamboo products resistant to mildew.

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