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Friday, April 30, 2010

A Local Event (if you live in NC)

Tomorrow one of our retailers "B&M store" Babiology is hosting a huge Cloth Diaper Event. It is called "Denim And Diapers"The event is from 10 am to 2pm on Fairview Road in the 5 Points District. This is going to be so much fun. At 10 am they will go over all the great things about cloth diapering and the difference in the types of diapers. They will also have information available about cleaning services for cloth diapers.
The "denim" part of their event is for maternity clothes. The will have premium used Denim maternity clothes on Saturday. Babiology also is an ultra cute consignment shop specializing in high end children's clothing.
This Event will be too much fun I am sure. Our diapers will be there too. Unfortunately I will not be able to go. I have an obligation I cannot abandon. Babiology will have a great sale and there is a special offer on the Bum Essentials Bumbino and Bum Bag. "Buy 2 diapers get a FREE travel "Bum Bag" or "Buy 3 Bumbinos get a FREE Laundry Bum Bag". This offer is only available @Babiology .
If you are lucky enough to live in the area- Go on down and support Cloth Diapering and you'll have a chance to see our Bumbino up close!
Have a Great Weekend.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Party Time

Happy 9th Birthday Kelly's Closet
Join the #DiaperShops Twitter Party
Thursday, April 29th
9pm ET

It's a party. Pre-register for your chance to win an I-Pad. I went to the Get Real Diapers last week. It was so much fun. The tweeting was real fast and at times I felt lost. Of course I hadn't been to many Twitter Parties before. I then discovered "Dummies Guide To Twitter Parties". Please read if you are new to the Tweeting Party concept. It made more sense to me. This will certainly help.
I am looking forward to tonight's party. Kelly's Closet just recently added our complete Cloth Diaper line to their store.
We will be hosting our own Twitter Party next Thursday, May 6 @ 9pm. Sign up if you haven't already. There is an A-Z Kit and more that will be given away. It is a great opportunity to learn about all of our products and see what others are saying.
See you tonight!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How Many Do I Need?

That is the million diaper question. I frequently hear "How many of your diapers will I need in my stash?" I would love to answer this question to give everybody a definite answer but there isn't one. Let me share with you this-
The other day I used 1 Bumbino diaper shell all day long and 4-5 Bum Pad combos (I am sorry I honestly can't remember how many Bum Pads that I used) That was an unusual day. Most days I use about 3 Bumbino diaper shells. Then there are those days I might use 5 in the course of a day. It all depends. So if I am all over the board I wouldn't want to tell you you can do with 3 a day. If you end up needing more then who's to blame. That blog that said only 3 shells per day. So this is my advice to help guide you through your purchase.

1- How frequently do you change your baby? Some change every time they think the baby has soiled the diaper. Then there are those who wait until the diaper is close to popping before it gets changed. To those of you who only have 1 baby/child/toddler you are now thinking frequent changes are a must ( I have been there) and for the rest who have 2,3,4 or more little ones ( I am here now) we see that as a luxury. lol

2-How often do you feed your baby, what do you feed your baby, and how often does your baby drink? Some people are big schedulers with their little ones and some offer something all of the time. This will also depend on the age of your baby. Each stage in a baby's life will change your diapering schedule too.

3-What do you consider dirty? It has been worn by the baby, it is still dry looks ok but you put it in the wash anyway. Then there are some it is barely damp it can go one more time. Lastly -It will dry out and I can use it again.

4-How often do you do laundry? Daily- I hate anything dirty. Every other day- I don't want to get too backed up. Once a week- I HATE LAUNDRY maybe it will do itself if I wait long enough. Don't I wish- hasn't happened yet.

5-How many do you really want? Some only want enough diapers to get them by. Then there are those of us who need every color, style, and size ever made (yes it is addicting- much more fun than disposables- especially in the summer)

Well there you have it. I hope I answered the million diaper question.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day

Nothing like using cloth diapers to show how you appreciate the Earth! Tonite at 9pm is a Twitter Get Real Party. Get the real poop on using cloth diapers.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


The "Bumbino" is our new all in one cloth diaper. All in one is probably the best way to describe it since there is not pocket to place your absorbency pad(s). Our "Bum Pads" snap in place. There are two side by side snaps in the front of the diaper. The "Bum Pad simply snaps into place and is easily change out instead of changing the whole diaper. I also think this is much easier to clean. It makes for less laundry too. Another nice feature is the ability to snap together multiple inserts for extra absorbency. For those who like to get a little extra time out of the diaper or for those heavy wetters you have the option of adding more pads.
We have two types of "Bum Pads" to choose from. Both are made from Bamboo and Cotton but one has 10% polyester added for flexibility. This is the thinnest pad I have seen. It adds the least amount of bulk to the diaper without compromising the absorbency. The other pad- we call "The Classic" (seen in photo) is similar to hemp styles but is more readily absorbent and with all bamboo products resistant to mildew.

What is A Bum Bag?

A Bum Bag is our version of a wet bag. It is a place to keep your dirties until wash day. We have 2 sizes. One for the laundry- fits an eight gallon trash can or diaper pail and one for running around town- will hold about 4 diapers.
What is great and unique is our Bum Bag is reversible. The colors coordinate with our diapers. Want to change colors of your bag- no problem - just turn it inside out. how easy is that.
The other great feature is the quality. There have been many comments on how nice our Bum Bags are. I am even questioned about the price being to low- can you believe that? The price is so our customers can complete their diapering system. You can't very well call it green if you are using a plastic trash bag to line your pail. You will end up using a new trash bag each time- I know this from experience.
I do think you need 2 of each size. The price is nice so you can do this without blowing your budget. Why 2? Well on laundry day you toss diapers and bag right in to the washer- What do you do with the dirty diapers while the bag is being cleaned? See the reason for the 2nd bag. Same with the small bag. Maybe you just ran around town on Monday- today is Tuesday and you have a Dr's appointment- where is that bag- ugh it is full of dirties waiting on the wash. I also suggest 2 when running around because- I put snacks and juice boxes in one- if I have a juice box blow up it's not in my purse or diaper bag. Or you can keep clean diapers in one and dirties in another.
Let us know what you think about our Bum Bag. Share with us and followers what other uses you have found for the bag.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Great Review

This was the review we received from DandyGiveaway.

I'm loving cloth diapers! Wish that I had started using them ages ago actually. Who doesn't love saving money and the environment at the same time? The only downside is the amount of wash that I've been doing. With pocket diapers or all in ones you have to change out the entire diaper at every changing. So you have the outside of the diaper plus the inserts to wash. That laundry load can add up really quickly with the number of changings a baby needs in a day! Fortunately there is a brand new cloth diapering line on the market that has the solution for this downside and it's fabulous! Bum Essentials seriously has such a great concept. The liners literally snap into the shell/cover:

Then as long as the shell isn't soiled you can just change out the liner for a fresh one at changing time! Isn't that soooooo very great? So you might only end up using 2-3 shells in one day; instead of 6-12 other cloth diapers. Plus, the shells have snaps on the outside that can shorten the over all length of the diaper making it one-size. You can use the same diaper from birth to potty training which is a great thing in my opinion!
Bum Essentials recently sent me a shell in Giddy Up Green:
(Each shell comes with 1 set of "TheTerry Towel" Bum Pads.)
Matching Bum Bag:
Two types of Bum Pads... "The Classic" and "The Terry Towel".
Both types are high quality and super soft. Made from a mix of organic bamboo and cotton.
So I have to tell you that I love cloth diapering and I love the Bum Essentials diapering line! Who wouldn't love having to do less laundry? :) Another thing that I love about Bum Essentials is the versatility of the colors of shells...

They are gender universal! Translating into the same diapers being used for another boy or girl baby down the line. Due to the quality that is in each item at Bum Essentials they can definitely be used from one baby to the next!

Cute Baby

Cute Baby
Great Fitting Diaper