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Friday, November 12, 2010

Travels with Cloth

The holiday season is fast approaching. The year really flies by especially when you have little ones. With the holidays just around the corner I am sure you are making travel plans. You are probably contemplating disposables or cloth while you are on the road. It has been my experience that using cloth just takes some retraining. We are so use to our convenient disposable society. Now that I am retrained in the brain-(haha) I find using cloth anywhere is no problem. Here are a few tips to help make your travels with cloth easier.

1- A Bum Bag is a must have- there are 2 sizes, they close with a drawstring, are double lined, reversible for different colors, and hold a lot of dirties. here is some more info about the Bum Bag

2- Longer trips with no access to laundry- click here for some great tips

3-Call ahead for a laundry service if staying in a hotel

4-Mall trips- I take 2 Bum Bags- 1 for clean and 1 for dirty also a good idea for on the road.

This will also help get you started. Here are some great links for more detailed info.

That should get you off to a good start and you have plenty of time to plan out your travels. Don't forget to pick up a couple of Bum Bags for the road.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cloth Diapers are Sweet Relief for Sensitive Babies

A while back we had ask if anyone wanted to Guest Blog and share stories about Bum Essentials or cloth diapers in general. Today Anastasia joins us to share her cloth diapering experience. Here is a link to her Blog Eco-Babyz. Thank you for sharing with us. Take it away Anastasia-

"I knew about cloth diapers before our daughter was born, but I just thought I wouldn't have the time for the extra loads of laundry. The birth came and went, we stuck with our chlorine free disposables. After six months I was running out of ideas for how to ease my baby's diaper rash suffering. She had very sensitive skin and even got rashes from some types of clothing fabrics. I've tried about six different natural diaper creams, nothing was really working. I had to apply cream at every change, it was messy and especially annoying when visiting friends and family. There was relief from creams, but the problem was not being solved and it looked like there was no end in sight!

Finally, on a warm summer day, it dawned on me that the one thing we haven't tried were cloth diapers! It was as if I finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Since I was a complete newbie, I did my share of research and finally got some basic modern cloth diapers to try. To say I was excited when they arrived is an understatement! We started with just five and I did laundry every day. I was surprised at how little time it took and how much easier it was than I thought it would be. But best of all, our rash was completely gone in all of two days to never come back again! No creams, no screams, just fluffy goodness.

If you are a mother with a sensitive baby, you will understand what a huge relief it is to have your baby's bum clear and rash free. I was elated and regretted I didn't go the cloth route from the beginning. Not only did I now have a happy, healthy baby, but I knew we would save a lot of money in the long run as well. Our stash now includes fourteen various diapers and we've already saved almost a thousand dollars in just one year. Among other benefits, our baby has been going on the potty for almost a year and loves it - so complete potty training isn't something we fear in the future. Above all, a rash free baby is truly a priceless benefit!"

Anastasia is a happily married mom to one precious toddler girl. At Eco-Babyz.com she blogs about attachment parenting, Eco living, toxins in our everyday environment, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, baby wearing, and healthy food.

If you want to share with us e-mail us your guest posting at reviews@bumessentials.com

Monday, October 4, 2010

And The Winner is

Thanks to everybody who commented on the Bumbino. We have a winner as chosen by Random.org Congratulations to Chelsey. Comment #16
Chelyeah said...

I love that BE are AI2's and have front elastic. I haven't shopped with her yet, but my favorite retailer is Anna with The Baby Store Plus because she's so sweet :)
Chelsey.Varela AT gmail DOT com

You can claim your prize by e-mailing us at windiapers@bumessentials.com !!

Don't forget the special sales posted below at the retailers that participated in the Twitter Party. They are good for a limited time.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What A Party - 2 For Tues! Post Party Giveaway!

We showed Tuesday nights rock for cloth diaper chatter.Thanks to everybody who came out and joined in the fun. We has a great turnout. There was a lot of "Tweeting" going on. I hope if you were new to Bum Essentials you learned more about our line and why it is unique. If you are a current user you probably enjoyed the teases about the new additions in the future. We have been listening to your wants and needs and we will continue to do so.

The retailers of Bum Essentials are offering great post party specials. This is a great time to add to or build a fluffy stash. Here is a list with links to their stores.

The Baby Store Plus – Save 15% off with code BUME15 until 10/15/10

Happy Baby Bum – Buy 2 Bumbino’s and get a free BumPad (no code required) + FREE shipping on any BumEssentials order over $25 through 10/5/10 (code TWITTER)

Cloth Diaper U - Save 5% off all products (except bumGenius) contact them for details on how to claim $5 shipping all the time OR Free shipping on orders $75 +

Diaper Junction – Save 10% with code BUM10 + get FREE shipping on any BumEssentials order.

Fluff Envy – Buy one Bumbino – Get one Bumbino HALF OFF with code HALFBUM!
*Please contact the retailers for complete rules and expiration dates.


If you were lucky enough to win a prize at Tuesday nights party Congrats. If you were not a winner last night maybe you could be today. Bum Essentials is giving away-
1 Bumbino with 1 additional Classic Bum Pad

Here is how you can be entered to win
Post a comment below about what you like about Bum Essentials or what you learned about Bum Essentials and where you like to shop for your fluff. We will select 1 winner at random on Monday October 4th, 2010. Entries close Sunday October 3 midnight. We will post the winner on Monday so be sure to check back. You will have 24 hours to claim your prize. If the prize is not claimed another winner will be selected at random.

For comments to win be sure to include What you like or learned about BE and where you like to buy your fluff. No anonymous entries so will be able to identify a winner.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Twitter Party- Tweet- Tweet

Save the date Tuesday, September 28th, at 9pm EST. It is a Twitter Party and it is all about Bum Essentials and where you can find Bum Essentials. If you have been to a Twitter Party before you know what to expect. Lots and lots of chatter. It is great. You can go dressed however you want (PJ's). You can take little breaks- put the kids back in bed get another cup of coffee- and no-one will ever know you stepped away. So yes someone can be chatting with you and you can walk off and it is not rude. You don't have to cut them off or excuse yourself. When you are ready to join back in you pick up where you left off. How easy is that. I know some say "I have been to a twitter party and was lost". Now this is not how it should be. I say visit the "Using the Tweet Grid" page and practice a few times before the party. Once you see how that works you will find it easy to use and be able to follow the party without feeling lost.
So what will we talk about at the party. Many things I am sure. Our main objective is to introduce you to retailers that carry our products. Since we are a newer line of Fluff some may not know where to find our products. Not all the retailers that carry our line will be joining us the night of the party. So be sure to view the right side of our blog to see a complete list. These fine stores are also contributing great prizes. Be sure visit the EcoChic Parties to sign up and see a complete list of GREAT prizes.
You will also learn more about Bum Essentials if you are not familiar with our products. You can ask questions about our products and learn tips and tricks for cloth diapering in general. You don't want to miss out. I'll see you there.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Fluff Mail is Here!!!

Thank You Kristen for sharing your Bumbino experience. The stage is all yours.

"My fluffy mail is HERE!!!!

When my Bum Essentials package came in the mail, I was squealing! I mean, how amazing to get such a huge stash of diapers and wetbags just for sharing my cloth diapering story. I feel so honored to be able to share my experience with Bum Essentials diapers with you all, and the opportunity to show off some pretty adorable pictures of my littlest sweetheart too!
Day 1: My diapers are here!! (Or Harper's diapers, rather...) Time to prep! There were no instructions on the diapers on how to prepare the Bumbinos for use, and since I am still sort of new, and only familiar with microfiber, I decided to shoot Bum Essentials a message via Facebook. I had a reply within minutes...talk about great customer service! I was excited to find out I only had to wash 2 or 3 times before using! So, into the wash they went...

Day 2: The wetbag/laundry bag! I have to admit that during my excitement with the diapers yesterday, I didn't pay much attention to the wetbag and laundry bag. But today, I noticed! These are REALLY nice. Double-layered, thick, soft, and REVERSIBLE!! The laundry bag fits perfectly in my diaper pail, and the little bit that hangs over the rim looks so nice...not like the plastic-y, cheap PUL bag I had. I can tell these bags are going to last a loooong time! I wasn't sure if I would like the drawstring closure on the wetbag when I was out and about, but it works rather nicely. All odors are kept at bay, and it really is easier than a zippered bag to open and close. My Bum Essentials wetbag is now the one that is always in my diaper bag

Back to the diapers... I was so excited to try out the Bumbino diapers on Harper, my 12 month old daughter. I couldn't decide which color to choose first, they are all so vibrant and beautiful! I went with the green, which is my favorite color. I was super impressed with the fit! Harper is a skinny girl, so I was very thrilled that the hook and loop closure crossed over to get a really nice and tight fit. And did I mention the elastic in the FRONT of the diaper?? How wonderful for my crawling girl! I didn't have to worry about the BIG gap in the front that her other diapers have. I was impressed that the diapers fit her when set on the middle rise setting. Which is exactly where I think she should be since she is in the 'middle' of her diapered-life! I can see that the Bum Essentials diapers will fit a TINY baby all the way through potty-training.

Day 3: Thanks to the all-in-2 style of Bumbino diapers and the extra bum-pads I received, I am able to exclusively use Bum Essentials diapers! This is great so I can really get a feel for these diapers and subsequently fall in love with them (which I surely have...)! Last night was Harper's first "Bumbino overnight". I used the Terry-towel bum pad, I love how soft and cozy it is. I did lay a fleece liner on top of it, because Harper is very sensitive to moisture against her skin. This morning, I was a little nervous going into her room (aren't we all after the first night with a new diaper?). Impressed is not a big enough word. Not only did I find that the Bumbino did not leak, the Bum Pad was so absorbent that the Bumbino itself was DRY! I could reuse it if I wanted to!

So today, I tried out the Classic Pad for the first time. I have preferred the terry towels because of their softness so far... The Classic pad became very hard and stiff when it got wet. It did not seem to bother Harper at all however, so we kept using them throughout the day. Again, I am impressed by the absorbency--these pads can hold a lot of pee!

Still Day 3: Time to do diaper laundry! Call me crazy, but I love doing diaper laundry! It is an ongoing "project" for me to find the right routine using my HE washer. I double checked all the laundry tabs on the Bumbinos' hook and loop closures, and threw everything in the wash.... 3 hours later, I was ready to dry the diapers. I was very excited that all the laundry tabs stayed in place during the wash! Thankfully it was a beautiful day so I could hang them outside to dry. A few hours later, I pulled them off the line and tossed the Bum Pads in the dryer for about 15 minutes to fluff them up. They were so FRESH! I really like the smell of the natural fibers in the Bum Essentials diapers, they smell like...nothing! I have noticed that my microfiber inserts from other diapers always have a smell to them...I wish I would have known about Bum Essentials from the beginning!

Day 4: Trying out the classic Bum Pad again. Maybe they just needed that extra wash, because they seem a lot softer today.

Day 5..6..7..8..9..10: I have been using our Bumbino diapers for 10 days!! Even if I wasn't journaling my experience, I would pick these first out of my diaper stash. They are so easy to use, fit PERFECTLY, never leak, and wash so well! They always smell so clean after being washed. I am going to refer anyone with an HE machine to use these diapers. They just don't hold that stink in like microfiber. I really love these diapers, and have yet to experience a "diaper chain" in the washer or dryer, a problem I have heard others complain about when using hook and loop-closure diapers.

Day 11..12..13..14: Two weeks and still going strong! I need to add in that my husband loves these diapers too. Who can argue with a daddy-friendly diaper? The Classic Bum Pads just keep getting softer! They still get a little stiff when wet, but it is not a problem! It's not like cardboard stiff, or uncomfortable for Harper at all. It is almost nice because I know exactly when she pees and needs to be changed! ...and they are SO absorbent! I still prefer the Terry Towel however. I just LOVE how soft it is, how easy it is to rinse off the poo, and how much it absorbs while still feeling squishy-soft! And the Bumbino itself still looks amazing after several washes. The super soft interior has not pilled up at all, and is just so buttery soft, I wish I could wear them myself! HAHA!

I can't thank Bum Essentials Diapers enough for this experience! I truly love everything about these diapers! From how they look, to how they fit, to how they wash and still look BRAND new after nearly a month of everyday use. The colors are so beautiful. While they don't come in a ton of different colors or prints, the choices they do have are so nice, I really don't find myself wishing for more options, except maybe a white, I do LOVE a white cloth diaper!
Oh, and the wetbag and laundry bag? Still loving them. Still look like I just took them out of the package. I will recommend Bum Essentials to everyone I know. I would give these diapers 5 stars, even if I didn't receive them as a prize. They are amazing, wonderful, and our go-to diaper!

I am so grateful that my essay was chosen so I got the wonderful opportunity to build my diaper stash with Bum Essentials diapers. I am now able to cloth diaper full time withOUT having to do laundry every single day. So, I thank you so very much for helping me to save our planet! Oh, and my 6 year old who inspired my family to convert to cloth? She thanks you too... She calls the Bumbinos her gift to her baby sister. How right she is! "

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bumbino Journaling by Julie

Another great winner, Julie, is sharing her Bumbino experience. Take it away Julie-

"I’m always excited when I win anything. But to win a writing contest is especially “special” to me as an English teacher. To win a writing contest and then get FREE DIAPERS … wow! Talk about icing on the cake!

As you may remember, I recently won the 2nd place prize in the BumEssentials “Saving the Planet 1 Diaper at a Time” Essay Contest. About a week later, a wonderful package arrived in the mail. I received:

3 Bumbino Cloth Diapers (with snap-in inserts)
3 Bum Pads (Bamboo snap-in inserts)
1 Bum Bag (wetbag)

First of all, I loved the bright yellow – I am a “brights” kinda girl! Next I noticed how the outer covers of the Bumbinos were soft, yet sturdy. They don’t feel “diaper plasticky” at all!

Several features of the Bumbino were new for me as a “new” cloth diapering mom. For one, I never had an AI2 (all in two) diaper with a fleece liner in the cover. I think this is a great touch as the baby will only feel softness, and any extra moisture will be wicked away into the fleece, adding comfort and dryness for the baby. I love this!

Another feature I found ideal were the snap-in inserts. I am used to using inserts that simply lay in the diaper cover, so you can imagine if I don’t take time to smooth them out, they get bunched up, and lead to leakage. The Bumbino snap-ins makes sure the inserts stay put for maximum smoothness and absorbency! I love this feature – and that I can snap in the doubler as well!

Finally, the cross over hook and loop closure were a definite plus! My baby’s chunky thighs but small waist make for prime leakage, but with the ability to cross over the hoop/loop closure, I can get a secure fit that is trim and leak-free.

The real test came when I left baby with Grandma for the morning with the Bumbinos. I left her an extra insert and an extra Bumbino with insert. She chose to simply change out the Bumbino instead of switch out the insert, but either way, diaper was a breeze for her, which in my book, makes the grade! :)

I’ve been using my three Bumbinos in my diaper rotation for about three weeks and have to say that I have not had a leak yet. I haven’t tried them overnight but for now find them a great addition to my daytime diapering stash! We just love our new Bumbinos and only wish we knew about these great dipes BEFORE our son was born!"

Julie Kieras

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Guest Blogger Robin-Essay Winner Journal

Robin was one of our winners for our Essay Contest. This is a guest Blog Post sharing her experience. Thank you Robin for sharing with us.

"About a month ago, I had the awesome privilege of winning an AMAZING diaper package from Bum Essentials (if you'd like to read my winning essay, see below). In our package we received 6 BUMBINO Diapers, 6 Classic Bum Pads, a large wetbag, and a small wetbag.
The Bumbino is an AI2 (all-in-two) diaper meaning it has a shell (1), and a snap-able insert, or Bum Pad (2). The advantage of an AI2 system is that you can take the insert out and replace it with a new one when soiled while reusing the shell , and therefore, having much less laundry! Another perk of AI2 systems is that they tend to be trimmer than pocket diapers yet as absorbent as AIO (all-in-one) diapers, but dry much quicker (saving you time and energy).

The Bumbino system has several particular unique perks. The first are the Bum Pads. The pads snap into the front of the diaper only. This makes it easy to clean and change the pads (especially the poo). Another great perk is the elastic in the front of the diaper that works to protect against leaks (especially awesome for boys). In addition, the Bumbino Bum Pads are made from 100% organic materials and come in two different styles- The Classic (organic bamboo and cotton blend) , and the Terry Towel (organic bamboo, cotton and polyester). Both are luxuriously soft even after multiple washes!
And FINALLY, here is why we LOVE the Bumbino! You've heard of the phrase "Beliebers" right (describing people that are super fans of Justin Bieber)? Well, I'm coining a new phrase "BUMievers!" That's right, we are now super fans of Bum Essential Diapers! Not only is the fit of these diapers AWESOME on both Big Boy and Little Man, but they are also extremely absorbent yet remain trim!
SO, have you tried the Bumbino? If you do, I'm confident you will become a BUMiever too! More detailed Bumbino and wet bag descriptions and reviews to come! Do you have any questions or comments about the Bumbino? I'd love to hear them :)"

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New To Bum Essentials Winning Essay

New to Bum Essentials

I have two sons (ages nine months-i.e “Little Man,” and almost three- .i.e. “Big Boy”). I first started exploring the idea of cloth diapering when “Big Boy” was born, however, when he was nine months old (the same age “Little Man” is today), we got the heart-wrenching news that he has Hypotonic Cerebral Palsy, and cloth-diapering fell by the wayside. Although his disability is mild, it affects his motor control thus making it hard for him to potty train.

Fast-forward to Little Man’s birth, and EVERY kind of disposable was giving him rashes. This was just the push I needed to get BOTH of my boys in cloth! Currently, we use primarily pocket diapers for Little Man and Big Boy has some Gro-Via as well as cloth trainers, however, we are looking to try something more absorbent for when he starts preschool. I LOVE how absorbent pocket diapers are, but they can get quite bulky. I LOVE the trimness of the Gro-Via products, however, I’m not sure that they will be absorbent enough to get him through his two and a half hour preschool sessions (after drinking his morning breakfast orange juice). It seems that the Bumbino will be a perfect match for him- trim, yet absorbent, with the front gussets being especially awesome for boys, and also organic which is an added bonus as I try to keep his life as natural as possible. It seems like when your child has special needs natural living often is pushed aside by doctors that only know the medical model and how to prescribe medication. My feeling is that children with special needs can benefit the most from not adding any chemicals into their everyday life!

About six months ago (before we made the total switch to cloth), we were at a playdate with one of Big Boy’s friends. The friend innocently commented that Big Boy was still wearing a diaper (he was already potty-trained). I could tell it really embarrassed my son. Although is motor control is affected, he is a bright and sensitive boy, and really took that comment to heart. He immediately came home and wanted to try to use the “Big Boy Potty.” God love him, we have been trying for the last few months , but although he is willing, he just doesn’t have the ability to potty train at this time. This was another jab at me to get him into cloth full-time. We told him that his Gro-Via diapers are his “big boy pants,” and since they are cloth, they don’t stand out like disposables. I LOVE the solid, bright colors of the Bumbinos and think that Big Boy would be proud to strut around in them.

Finally, the Velcro closure on the Bumbinos will allow Big Boy to be able to remove his own diaper to be able to try to sit on the potty (he lacks the fine motor ability to undo snaps). And the user-friendly AI2 diaper will be acceptable by his preschool teachers.

If we were to win, I would have enough Bumbinos to put Big Boy in full-time until he is able to potty train (and for overnight with the great ability to snap on more bum pads as needed for absorbency) and then I could hand them down to Little Man! I love that they are One-size and able to be shared between children of different ages!

Friday, August 20, 2010

New to Cloth Winning Essay

"Well, are you going to have time to clean up the world?"

On April 22, 2010, my daughter came bursting through the door after her morning kindergarten class jumping with excitement. She had a reusable grocery bag that her teacher had given her in honor of EARTH DAY and an "assignment" to figure out ways we could help to make our world a cleaner place. Oh, this was going to be fun! So I packed a picnic lunch for my 6 year old daughter, my 4 year old son, and my 8 month old baby girl. We headed to the nearby park to eat, with my 6 year old toting a notepad and pencil, soo excited to begin! We got to work on our list: From now on we would bring our reusable grocery bags along every time we shopped, we would replace our weekly case of Ice Mountain bottled water with reusable aluminum water bottles, get books from library more often than from the bookstore, and a few other ideas when my little one pooped in her disposable diaper! I pulled another disposable out from the bag along with disposable wipes and a plastic bag to throw it all away in, when I realized that THIS was where we could really change our ways. And so began my research into cloth diapers...

It took about a month for me to research and save up the money for the initial investment required in converting to cloth diapers and wipes. During this month my children, husband and I were astounded at some of the facts we came across. For instance 7.6 billion pounds of diapers are thrown away each year in the US and they take up to 500 years to biodegrade. Yikes. That was enough to make our stomachs churn. I felt so guilty for all those diapers I had thrown away throughout the years. But washing diapers? Was I going to be able to do that? I was super excited to learn that the days of soaking dirty diapers in a bucket of water were gone, along with pins and rubber pants. I started getting very excited! I got my first batch of cloth diapers about a month ago. I was nervous! I went with some all-in-2s, since these seemed the most economical, and easiest to wash in my HE washer. Oh My Gosh, I am so happy we made this switch! I feel great that we are reducing our carbon footprints, saving money, educating my children, and I just cannot resist the cuteness of a fluffy butt!

My beautiful 6 year old daughter inspired me to switch to cloth diapers, and together we try to inspire others! We are constantly telling our friends and neighbors with babies why cloth is the easy and sensible choice. We have gotten three friends to make the switch!! A couple weeks ago we were at a wedding and my daughter came to the bathroom with me to change my baby's diaper when a woman approached and began asking questions about "that kind" of diaper. I explained that they were cloth, along with the wipes, and she smugly replied that she would NEVER have the time to wash diapers, to which my 6 year old responded, "Well, are you going to find time to clean up the world?"

Monday, August 16, 2010

And the Winners Are

I would like to thank everyone who participated in our “Saving the Planet” contest. We had a great response and wonderful essays. I would say they were all wonderful for some reason. It is great that so many of you are new to cloth diapering and sticking with it even with the many obstacles that were shared. Keep it up the benefits long outweigh the challenges. For those of you who already cloth diapering and want to try Bum Essentials I can’t wait for you to get a chance. Everybody that wrote about wanting to try Bum Essentials needs to write our ads. J It is great how you have paid such close attention to the details we feel are important and set our diaper apart from others.

What makes us all winners. We are making a donation to the Cloth Diaper Foundation as a part of the contest. In the past few weeks the Cloth Diaper Foundation has been experiencing a lack in funds and donations. The Cloth Diapering community pulled together and they are able to get by another few months. This is a great organization and we want to be a part of their success. I hope you have learned more about them because of our contest. If you or someone you know is not financially able to get started cloth diapering this is the organization that can help. We are making a donation of 10 BumBinos and 20 BumPads.

Here are the winners

New to Cloth

1- Kristen Huss - "Are you going to have time to clean up the world"

2- Julie Kieras - "There was a time when the only diapering was cloth diapering."

New to Bum Essentials

1-Robin Sayers- Big Boy and Little Man

2-Shelly Smith - I first heard of Bum Essentials a couple of months ago.....

Later this week we will post the First place winning essays. Once again thanks so much for participating.

Please look for more contests. Help spread the word about Cloth Diapering and Bum Essentials.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Bum Pads

If you are familiar with our products the you know what a Bum Pad is. Just in case you don't know anything about our products a Bum Pad is our super soft extra absorbent snap in insert. Now that everybody has some idea about Bum Pads we'll help you better understand how they work. Our Bumbino was designed to be an economical diaper because of the Bum Pads. The idea being you purchase extra Bum Pads and less diaper shells. The Bum Pads have 2 snaps in the front of the diaper. This helps to hold the pad in place when you put the diaper on. Notice 2 snaps only in the front of the diaper. This way if you have a poo diaper you don't have to attempt to remove snaps in the back of the diaper. Yes I have reused shells after a poop. This is of course providing it did not get on the shell. If you have only wet diapers changing out a Bum Pad is a "snap" (lol ). Just fold up the back end of the pad to the front and unsnap the pads. No need to touch any part of the soiled diaper. Usually I find if the back of the pad is wet it is too wet to reuse the shell.
Here is another great feature about the Bum Pad. If you are out shopping for the day or if you are traveling Bum Pads take up less space than a whole diaper- dirty or clean. This is great- you don't have to pack a bunch of diapers or carry around a few dirties either. Keep this in mind the next time you head out for the day.
There are 2 different types to currently choose from. Which one you will prefer is totally up to you. i love both types for different reasons. The Classic is all natural materials (bamboo and cotton) It is very absorbent and very easy to clean (especially with a poop diaper). The Terry Towel has a small amount of polyester added to the cotton/bamboo blend. That makes it very flexible wet or dry. It has more of a very soft towel type texture. Which ever you choose I don't think you will go wrong. Here is my diapering routine- I use the classic at nap time, nighttime and if I am expecting a poop (yes you can somewhat plan for that) I use the Terry Towel the rest of the time.
I hope this helps to better understand how to use our Bum Pads. If you are in need of extra ones- Check out the list to the right of Fine Retailers that carry our products.
Please share with us which Bum Pads you use.

Friday, July 9, 2010

The “Saving the Planet 1 Diaper at a Time” Contest

Contest Dates

July 9th- August 6th

Winner Announced Tuesday August 17th

It is our slogan. We thought we would have some fun and make it a slogan we all live by. How would you like to win a stash of Bum Essentials Cloth Diapers and accessories? Here it is all the details on how to win. There is no purchase necessary however we have a growing list of fine retailers that carry Bum Essentials Products. You will find this list on our Blog and Website. There are both Brick and Mortar and Online merchants. Be sure to check out their websites (especially facebook pages) for special offers.

Now on to our contest-

Prize Package per winner

6 Bumbino Diapers

6 Classic Bum Pads

1 Travel Bum Bag

1 Laundry Bum Bag

We will have 1 winner from each of these 4 categories.

1-New to cloth diapers

2-New to Bum Essentials

3-Refered someone to Bum Essentials or cloth

4- Cloth Diaper Foundation (we will make a donation based on participation)

The Details

Open to US participants only

Select the category that best suits you.

Only one entry submission per person.

Requirements for the contest

Follow our Blog &/or

Like Us on Facebook &/or

Follow us on Twitter

Please submit the following request to


New to Cloth

Write an essay on what has led you to try cloth diapers.

We will select the winner from the essays.

You must be new to cloth to enter this category.

What you need to submit to us by e-mail

1-Name, address, phone number, and e-mail (don’t worry we are not going to use this info for anything more than our contest. We do not sell information.

2-Essay on why you have chosen cloth

3-Who referred you if anyone- Please provide name and any online names they use so we can make sure they get credit. (Maximum 2 referrals) If no one has referred you that is ok - we just want to make sure we credit the referrals.

4-Give us permission to post pictures and journaling you submit in the event you win.


What you must be willing to do if you win

1-Accept the prize- lol just had to put that one in

2-Provide us with pictures, and video of your cloth diapering experience using Bum Essentials products- Journal your experience so we can share your story with others wanting to make the change.

3-Tell everyone you know you won an awesome prize package from Bum Essentials.

New to Bum Essentials

Write an essay on why you want to try Bum Essentials. What have you heard about Bum Essentials? What features do you think you will like?

If you have used a Bum Essentials diaper prior to entering this contest please do not enter this category. You will of course not be disqualified if you have to purchase one before the contest is finished. J

What you need to submit to us by e-mail

1-Name, address, phone number, and e-mail (don’t worry we are not going to use this info for anything more than our contest. We do not sell information.

2-Essay on why you have chosen Bum Essentials

3-Who referred you if anyone- Please provide name and any online names so we can make sure they get credit. (maximum 2 referrals)

4-Give us permission to post pictures and journaling you submit in the event you win.


What you must be willing to do if you win

1-Accept the prize- lol just had to put that one in

2-Provide us with pictures, and video of your cloth diapering experience using Bum Essentials products- Journal your experience so we can share your story with others wanting to make the change.

3-Tell everyone you know you won an awesome prize package from Bum Essentials.

Referral to Bum Essentials/Cloth Diapers

This covers all of those who have used our products. We need you to refer as many new to cloth/new to Bum Essentials as you can. This is what will help you get your prize package. Here is your assignment- Tell us why you use Bum Essentials and if you have referred someone to use Bum Essentials or switch to cloth share with us how you convinced them to make the switch. Referrals will certainly increase your winning chances

What you need to submit to us by e-mail

1-Name, address, phone number, and e-mail (Don’t worry we are not going to use this info for anything more than our contest.) We do not sell information.

2- Essay on why you use Bum Essentials and how you got your referral to make the switch.

3- Provide names of those you refer. We know there may be more after you send in your entry so make sure the person you refer lists you as their referral.

4-Give us permission to post pictures and journaling you submit in the event you win.


What you must be willing to do if you win

1-Accept the prize- lol just had to put that one in

2-Provide us with pictures. Journal your experience so we can share your story with others.

3-Tell everyone you know you won an awesome prize package from Bum Essentials.

The Cloth Diaper Foundation

This makes us all winners. The more participants the more the donation so help us donate a lot. Bum Essentials will donate $1 worth of BE products per entry so let’s get a lot of entries and make a difference in the cloth diaper community.

(Dollar amount is based on retail value and donation amount may be capped if entries exceed 275)

Good luck and start referring!


We reserve the right to make changes necessary at any time. This contest is for fun. However, if for some reason you haven't had any fun, loss or damage has occurred to yourself or property from participating in the contest, Bum Essentials isn't held responsible for any of the above. We are not responsible for any taxes associated with the prizes .Winners will be selected/judged on essays provided. We will ensure that we use every means to provide a fair unbiased result. Have fun and Good Luck

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Contest Coming Very Soon

We have been talking about this great contest for a couple of weeks and the announcment date is almost here. I do want to share a little more information with you. For those of you familiar with cloth diapering and Bum Essentials we are going to need your help. We want this contest to help promote Cloth Diapering and Bum Essentials products. You don't need to get started but start getting in your mind about how to help encourage others to make the switch. Don't start recruiting anyone now wait until we make the big announcement. We are going to have a lot of fun spreading the word about cloth diapers. There is another part of our contest. We will be making a donation at the end of the contest to the Cloth Diaper Foundation . The size of the donation will depend on participation. This wonderful organization helps deserving families get started with cloth diapers. Please visit the link for more information about them.
So lets recap
1- We will several winners of a nice package (valued at up to $200)
2-We will spread the word about cloth diapering
3-The Cloth Diaper Foundation will benefit- continuing to spread the word about cloth diapers
4-We will have a whole lot of fun
So are you ready? I can't wait to fill in the details. Stay Tuned!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Challen's Review

Mrs. Knight, or Challen the actress from Big Time Rush is sharing with me her review on Bum Essentials. So I will let her take over from here-

I wish I had discovered Bum Essentials earlier! I used a diaper service when my son was a tiny baby but gave up after a while because I couldn't get him to fit into his car seat with all of that added bulkiness from the cloth diapers. I have used the nonbleached diapers for my daughter but still felt guilty about adding all of those diapers to our landfills. Et voila, Bum Essentials are the answer. They are incredibly easy to use, and clean and they come with super cute covers. I also love the waterproof bag which also serves as a great bag for wet swim suits after a day at the beach. I am thrilled about switching to Bum Essentials and encourage everyone to try them out and spread the word. Easy on the environment and the wallet!
So there you have it- our first actress endorsement. Thanks Challen for reconsidering cloth diapers and for trying out Bum Essentials.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Go Ask Mom

Recently I was interviewed by Sarah Hall from WRAL's "Go Ask Mom". She does a blog on WRAL's website keeping parents up to date on events in our area. Once she learned Bum Essentials was local she invited me for an interview. It was great to meet her and learn more about her posts. She does an excellent job letting parents know where the hot spots are to take your kids, events for children in the area, and where great stores are just for the kiddos. The interview introduces Bum Essentials and will give you a little background info on the company. There are several retailers both online and Brick and Mortar where you can purchase Bum Essentials. Enjoy the story.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I See a Contest In The Future

I guess the title says it all. For now this is just a teaser but look for some fun coming soon. A chance for a few winners. A chance for a Charity to benefit. A chance for everyone to get to know Bum Essentials. A chance for Cloth Diapers to Rock!! So how can you lose. hmmm I don't think you can. You certainly can't lose by choosing cloth! Stay tuned for more to come in the next couple of weeks. You definitely don't want to miss out. In the meantime refer all your cloth diapering friends to our blog, FaceBook, and Twitter. "This is going to be Good"

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Proof is in the Picture

Remember several weeks ago I had the Bumbino at the Beach. Well here is the picture after use. If you recall or read a previous posting I had used my Rockin Red Bumbino at the beach. I do know there are swim diapers (we currently don't make one) and truth be said there is a difference between a swim diaper and a cloth diaper. However we were showing off our Bumbino at the beach. For beach use I would still likely use my Bumbino simply for the fit. Let me remind you that after hard play in and out of the water and throwing sand I knew my little fellow was going to be covered in sand inside the diaper. He certainly was covered in sand outside the diaper. Much to my surprise when I took the diaper off only maybe 2 grains of sand. He had been a happy little fellow playing and he should have been. He was totally comfortable. Now look at this picture. See the sand is around the elastic- that tummy elastic kept the sand from going in. That tummy elastic does a great job at contouring the tummy. You can also see the rest of the diaper. That day I had left the inserts in -maybe not the best idea but oh well. They are white with a couple of specks of sand. The proof is in the Picture! Bumbino keeps sand out and potty in. lol Truly a leak free diaper.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bumbino Goes to LA

A Bumbino is making it's way to LA. This is not the first person in LA to have a Bumbino but it is the first actress that I am aware of. "Mrs. Knight" is the character that Challen Cates plays on Nick's show "Big Time Rush". If you have not seen the show yet it is cute. It is a little out of the ordinary in a nice way and well worth the watch. Well anyway she was wanting to try out a Bumbino for her daughter who is just about a 1 1/2 years old. She is familiar with our line but had not actually used cloth diapers before. She is well aware of the health impact and is very concerned about environmental issues and this is what has led her to try Bum Essentials cloth diapers. She had been using sposies but as natural as a sposie can get. She has promised feedback on her cloth experience. Well be awaiting her review. I am glad to be a part of her cloth diapering experience as I am any new parent who makes the change. I am also excited to know the Bumbino will have a face in Hollywood. Cloth Diapers Rock.
For more information about Challen and her actress roles like her on facebook and @FollowChallen on twitter.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Traveling with the Bum Bag! More use than just for dirty Cloth Diapers!

Our family had a great holiday weekend. We spent 3 nights away from home. For a family of 6 can you imagine packing. Yes it was a chore and a whole bunch of clothes. You have to have a few extra of everything just in case. We did use some of our just in case too. Typically we would take trash bags for all the dirtys and for 3 nights and 4 days that would be 2-3 trash bags (kitchen size not lawn size-lol) Well why use plastic when you have the Bum Bag. I took 1 laundry size Bum Bag with us- just in case you want to know it was the Giddy- up- Green and Sunshine Yellow. What was I thinking just 1 Bum Bag. There were 2 adults and 4 kids for 3 nights 4 days. Oh well each day I put all the dirty laundry in there. Each day there was still room. On our last day there I picked up the rest of the laundry spread out through the hotel room and headed for the faithful Bum Bag. That one bag held all of our dirty laundry acquired during our trip. I was impressed. I could even draw the string closed enough to prevent any from spilling out. I think my husband was even impressed. He was at least thankful he only had to carry that one bag out to the car. Keep this in mind while traveling this summer. It makes an awesome laundry bag.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Caring for Your Bumbino

Now that you are experiencing your Bumbino Diaper I thought I would share a few tips on making sure it is well cared for. These tips are also useful for any velcro one size diaper. I do have experience in this department or at least from the other end. LOL I am usually the one that waits as long as possible to do the laundry and I don't always follow the care directions. Maybe I should say there are others in my household who don't always follow the care for rules and I don't realize until I take them (all at onetime) out of the washer. My fluffy stash does survive, however if you want your Fluffy Stash to be looking close to new here are some great tips to keep it lasting.
1- ALWAYS Fold back the laundry tabs. This will prevent the daisy chain from coming out of the washer. It may make less work if they are all tied up and one long chain that lifts straight from the washer to the dryer BUT it will damage the tabs over time and it can also pick the diapers.
2-Use the Snaps Carefully- Don't grab and pull as hard as you can on the material to unsnap the Bum Pads from the micro-fleece. The snaps are there to help stabilize the inserts to make it easy to put on. Micro-fleece is a durable material that does not tear easily but that doesn't mean you can use brute force and rip the Bum pads straight out of the diaper. Hold as close to the snaps and then unsnap.(this is why there are no snaps in the back of our Bumbino- I really don't want to get that close to poop) The same is true for the adjustable snaps on the front of the diaper. It is best you hold closely to the snaps when unsnapping. This is good info for any diaper.
3-Detach Bum Pads from Bumbino prior to Washing and Drying- You will have those heavy wet pads pulling on your diaper as it tosses around your washer and dryer. This will become even more of a mess if you haven't secured the laundry tabs. Keep in mind our Bum Pads only attach at one end of the diaper so the pads are dragging the diaper around by 2 snaps. The Bum Pads will also extend out far enough to wrap around other diapers in the washer or dryer adding to the weight. So UnSnap before the Bath!
4-Bleach and Fabric Softner will breakdown Material overtime- I use bleach on my Hubby's T-shirts and after a few months they are see thru so Just imagine what it could do to your Fluffy Stash. Fabric softener also eats away the material plus it is usually loaded with perfumes that could irritate your baby.
5-Carefully select your detergent- you want to avoid a lot of stain removing properties and enzymes. Click here for a laundry chart guide.
6-Don't dry on Scorching Temperatures- When possible line dry. This not only saves your diapers but it saves on energy and there is nothing like a good ole sun bleaching. The sun can naturally bleach your inserts and kill bacteria.

There you have it- Your Bumbino can stay as good as the day you first opened it.

Monday, May 17, 2010

How did you enjoy #operationfluffy? Thanks to TheEcoChic and DirtyDiaperLaundry we all set out to let everybody know how great cloth diapers are. We wanted to trend the topic but I was informed there was some big game on that night limiting our chances. It was not from a lack of trying. I heard there was over 3000 tweets from party attendees. It was all about how great cloth diapers are. If you attended you certainly learned some new benefit to using cloth diapers. The benefits included- Easy on the environment (no trees cut down to make cloth diapers and no landfills piled up with cloth diapers) Easy on the Wallet (this is a biggie) most say you will save about $1500 per child after you invest in your fluffy stash. Easy on the baby- lessens diaper rash- and from personal experience by far reduces diaper rashes. Easy on the eye- what baby doesn’t look cute in a fluff covered bum. Easy to use- a variety of styles to choose from suiting any parent’s needs. Easy to care for- Come on today’s washer comes with a setting for cloth diapers (this is how I discovered modern cloth) dump in add detergent and press a button- whew makes me work up a sweat just thinking about it- LOL And for those who say this waste energy – I saw many pictures of line drying cloth diapers- that in itself saves $$.

I can quote a few of my favorite tweets I heard- “Would you wear paper underwear” , “no one throws away clothes after one use so why a diaper” , “cloth is the new black”,

Share what you learned or your favorite tweets.

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Cute Baby
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