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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Best Overall Diaper

Yes it is true. Babble.com just rated Bum Essentials "Best Overall Diaper". We are so happy to have gained recognition for the Bumbino. Be sure to head over to Babble.com and read all about it. Babble is one of the fastest growing online parenting magazines. From pregnancy to toddlers you will find your info here.
Hopefully by now you have had a chance to try our diapering system. If not or if you are looking to add to your current Fluffy Stash visit a retailer that carries our line. Our prices have gotten even better since the holidays. Our one size Bumbino is ONLY $17.99. That is the shell with 1 set of Bum Pads. Bum Pads too are now even more affordable. Being sold at $7.99 makes them a great buy. All natural organic materials. Cotton and Bamboo make the inserts super absorbent and naturally bacterial resistant.
Listed on this page are fine retailers that carry Bum Essentials. Happy Shopping!!

Cute Baby

Cute Baby
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