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Monday, May 3, 2010

Bumbino at the Beach

What a weekend. We spent our Sunday at the Beach. The Bumbino was a trooper thru the sand and the waves. It was low tide and we were only in a tidal pool which the kids loved. So sorry there are no pictures. Trying to protect electronics from the water, take pictures and keep your eye on the little ones is a bit too much but I will get that beach shot in the Bumbino at some point. First of all let me say my little man was way too cute in his Bumble Blue Bumbino. He looked comfortable too. I saw another baby in a sposie. Actually she didn’t look happy. She looked stiff like she didn’t want to move around. My little man was running and crawling through the sand. He was sitting in the tidal pool grabbing handfuls of sand and throwing them back into the water. He loved it. After a while he was tired and we had to convince the other 3 it was time to go. The tidal pool that had formed as the tide went out was so much fun for all these kids. I sure hope we can catch one another day. We finally did leave and rinsed off the kids before we packed up the car to come home. The baby was covered in sand up to his thighs. He wasn’t so happy about the hose down so I made it quick. I got to the car and took off his wet Bumbino and was thinking how I was going to get all the sand off the diaper area. You know that mystery sand that ends up in the swimsuits. I took the diaper off and much to my surprise – ONLY 2 grains of sand were in the diaper. Incredible- all of this playing around in the sand and water and he was sand free inside the diaper. So I have a new testimony “Not only does the Bumbino do a great job at not leaking – It does a great job at keeping the Sand out.” No wonder he was such a happy boy at the beach!

I almost forgot. We had also taken our large Bum Bag. It was perfect for all of the wet sandy swimsuits.

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Cute Baby
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