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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How Many Do I Need?

That is the million diaper question. I frequently hear "How many of your diapers will I need in my stash?" I would love to answer this question to give everybody a definite answer but there isn't one. Let me share with you this-
The other day I used 1 Bumbino diaper shell all day long and 4-5 Bum Pad combos (I am sorry I honestly can't remember how many Bum Pads that I used) That was an unusual day. Most days I use about 3 Bumbino diaper shells. Then there are those days I might use 5 in the course of a day. It all depends. So if I am all over the board I wouldn't want to tell you you can do with 3 a day. If you end up needing more then who's to blame. That blog that said only 3 shells per day. So this is my advice to help guide you through your purchase.

1- How frequently do you change your baby? Some change every time they think the baby has soiled the diaper. Then there are those who wait until the diaper is close to popping before it gets changed. To those of you who only have 1 baby/child/toddler you are now thinking frequent changes are a must ( I have been there) and for the rest who have 2,3,4 or more little ones ( I am here now) we see that as a luxury. lol

2-How often do you feed your baby, what do you feed your baby, and how often does your baby drink? Some people are big schedulers with their little ones and some offer something all of the time. This will also depend on the age of your baby. Each stage in a baby's life will change your diapering schedule too.

3-What do you consider dirty? It has been worn by the baby, it is still dry looks ok but you put it in the wash anyway. Then there are some it is barely damp it can go one more time. Lastly -It will dry out and I can use it again.

4-How often do you do laundry? Daily- I hate anything dirty. Every other day- I don't want to get too backed up. Once a week- I HATE LAUNDRY maybe it will do itself if I wait long enough. Don't I wish- hasn't happened yet.

5-How many do you really want? Some only want enough diapers to get them by. Then there are those of us who need every color, style, and size ever made (yes it is addicting- much more fun than disposables- especially in the summer)

Well there you have it. I hope I answered the million diaper question.

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