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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Twitter Party- Tweet- Tweet

Save the date Tuesday, September 28th, at 9pm EST. It is a Twitter Party and it is all about Bum Essentials and where you can find Bum Essentials. If you have been to a Twitter Party before you know what to expect. Lots and lots of chatter. It is great. You can go dressed however you want (PJ's). You can take little breaks- put the kids back in bed get another cup of coffee- and no-one will ever know you stepped away. So yes someone can be chatting with you and you can walk off and it is not rude. You don't have to cut them off or excuse yourself. When you are ready to join back in you pick up where you left off. How easy is that. I know some say "I have been to a twitter party and was lost". Now this is not how it should be. I say visit the "Using the Tweet Grid" page and practice a few times before the party. Once you see how that works you will find it easy to use and be able to follow the party without feeling lost.
So what will we talk about at the party. Many things I am sure. Our main objective is to introduce you to retailers that carry our products. Since we are a newer line of Fluff some may not know where to find our products. Not all the retailers that carry our line will be joining us the night of the party. So be sure to view the right side of our blog to see a complete list. These fine stores are also contributing great prizes. Be sure visit the EcoChic Parties to sign up and see a complete list of GREAT prizes.
You will also learn more about Bum Essentials if you are not familiar with our products. You can ask questions about our products and learn tips and tricks for cloth diapering in general. You don't want to miss out. I'll see you there.

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