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Friday, July 23, 2010

Bum Pads

If you are familiar with our products the you know what a Bum Pad is. Just in case you don't know anything about our products a Bum Pad is our super soft extra absorbent snap in insert. Now that everybody has some idea about Bum Pads we'll help you better understand how they work. Our Bumbino was designed to be an economical diaper because of the Bum Pads. The idea being you purchase extra Bum Pads and less diaper shells. The Bum Pads have 2 snaps in the front of the diaper. This helps to hold the pad in place when you put the diaper on. Notice 2 snaps only in the front of the diaper. This way if you have a poo diaper you don't have to attempt to remove snaps in the back of the diaper. Yes I have reused shells after a poop. This is of course providing it did not get on the shell. If you have only wet diapers changing out a Bum Pad is a "snap" (lol ). Just fold up the back end of the pad to the front and unsnap the pads. No need to touch any part of the soiled diaper. Usually I find if the back of the pad is wet it is too wet to reuse the shell.
Here is another great feature about the Bum Pad. If you are out shopping for the day or if you are traveling Bum Pads take up less space than a whole diaper- dirty or clean. This is great- you don't have to pack a bunch of diapers or carry around a few dirties either. Keep this in mind the next time you head out for the day.
There are 2 different types to currently choose from. Which one you will prefer is totally up to you. i love both types for different reasons. The Classic is all natural materials (bamboo and cotton) It is very absorbent and very easy to clean (especially with a poop diaper). The Terry Towel has a small amount of polyester added to the cotton/bamboo blend. That makes it very flexible wet or dry. It has more of a very soft towel type texture. Which ever you choose I don't think you will go wrong. Here is my diapering routine- I use the classic at nap time, nighttime and if I am expecting a poop (yes you can somewhat plan for that) I use the Terry Towel the rest of the time.
I hope this helps to better understand how to use our Bum Pads. If you are in need of extra ones- Check out the list to the right of Fine Retailers that carry our products.
Please share with us which Bum Pads you use.


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