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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Challen's Review

Mrs. Knight, or Challen the actress from Big Time Rush is sharing with me her review on Bum Essentials. So I will let her take over from here-

I wish I had discovered Bum Essentials earlier! I used a diaper service when my son was a tiny baby but gave up after a while because I couldn't get him to fit into his car seat with all of that added bulkiness from the cloth diapers. I have used the nonbleached diapers for my daughter but still felt guilty about adding all of those diapers to our landfills. Et voila, Bum Essentials are the answer. They are incredibly easy to use, and clean and they come with super cute covers. I also love the waterproof bag which also serves as a great bag for wet swim suits after a day at the beach. I am thrilled about switching to Bum Essentials and encourage everyone to try them out and spread the word. Easy on the environment and the wallet!
So there you have it- our first actress endorsement. Thanks Challen for reconsidering cloth diapers and for trying out Bum Essentials.

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Cute Baby
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