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Monday, August 16, 2010

And the Winners Are

I would like to thank everyone who participated in our “Saving the Planet” contest. We had a great response and wonderful essays. I would say they were all wonderful for some reason. It is great that so many of you are new to cloth diapering and sticking with it even with the many obstacles that were shared. Keep it up the benefits long outweigh the challenges. For those of you who already cloth diapering and want to try Bum Essentials I can’t wait for you to get a chance. Everybody that wrote about wanting to try Bum Essentials needs to write our ads. J It is great how you have paid such close attention to the details we feel are important and set our diaper apart from others.

What makes us all winners. We are making a donation to the Cloth Diaper Foundation as a part of the contest. In the past few weeks the Cloth Diaper Foundation has been experiencing a lack in funds and donations. The Cloth Diapering community pulled together and they are able to get by another few months. This is a great organization and we want to be a part of their success. I hope you have learned more about them because of our contest. If you or someone you know is not financially able to get started cloth diapering this is the organization that can help. We are making a donation of 10 BumBinos and 20 BumPads.

Here are the winners

New to Cloth

1- Kristen Huss - "Are you going to have time to clean up the world"

2- Julie Kieras - "There was a time when the only diapering was cloth diapering."

New to Bum Essentials

1-Robin Sayers- Big Boy and Little Man

2-Shelly Smith - I first heard of Bum Essentials a couple of months ago.....

Later this week we will post the First place winning essays. Once again thanks so much for participating.

Please look for more contests. Help spread the word about Cloth Diapering and Bum Essentials.

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