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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bumbino Journaling by Julie

Another great winner, Julie, is sharing her Bumbino experience. Take it away Julie-

"I’m always excited when I win anything. But to win a writing contest is especially “special” to me as an English teacher. To win a writing contest and then get FREE DIAPERS … wow! Talk about icing on the cake!

As you may remember, I recently won the 2nd place prize in the BumEssentials “Saving the Planet 1 Diaper at a Time” Essay Contest. About a week later, a wonderful package arrived in the mail. I received:

3 Bumbino Cloth Diapers (with snap-in inserts)
3 Bum Pads (Bamboo snap-in inserts)
1 Bum Bag (wetbag)

First of all, I loved the bright yellow – I am a “brights” kinda girl! Next I noticed how the outer covers of the Bumbinos were soft, yet sturdy. They don’t feel “diaper plasticky” at all!

Several features of the Bumbino were new for me as a “new” cloth diapering mom. For one, I never had an AI2 (all in two) diaper with a fleece liner in the cover. I think this is a great touch as the baby will only feel softness, and any extra moisture will be wicked away into the fleece, adding comfort and dryness for the baby. I love this!

Another feature I found ideal were the snap-in inserts. I am used to using inserts that simply lay in the diaper cover, so you can imagine if I don’t take time to smooth them out, they get bunched up, and lead to leakage. The Bumbino snap-ins makes sure the inserts stay put for maximum smoothness and absorbency! I love this feature – and that I can snap in the doubler as well!

Finally, the cross over hook and loop closure were a definite plus! My baby’s chunky thighs but small waist make for prime leakage, but with the ability to cross over the hoop/loop closure, I can get a secure fit that is trim and leak-free.

The real test came when I left baby with Grandma for the morning with the Bumbinos. I left her an extra insert and an extra Bumbino with insert. She chose to simply change out the Bumbino instead of switch out the insert, but either way, diaper was a breeze for her, which in my book, makes the grade! :)

I’ve been using my three Bumbinos in my diaper rotation for about three weeks and have to say that I have not had a leak yet. I haven’t tried them overnight but for now find them a great addition to my daytime diapering stash! We just love our new Bumbinos and only wish we knew about these great dipes BEFORE our son was born!"

Julie Kieras

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