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Friday, May 21, 2010

Caring for Your Bumbino

Now that you are experiencing your Bumbino Diaper I thought I would share a few tips on making sure it is well cared for. These tips are also useful for any velcro one size diaper. I do have experience in this department or at least from the other end. LOL I am usually the one that waits as long as possible to do the laundry and I don't always follow the care directions. Maybe I should say there are others in my household who don't always follow the care for rules and I don't realize until I take them (all at onetime) out of the washer. My fluffy stash does survive, however if you want your Fluffy Stash to be looking close to new here are some great tips to keep it lasting.
1- ALWAYS Fold back the laundry tabs. This will prevent the daisy chain from coming out of the washer. It may make less work if they are all tied up and one long chain that lifts straight from the washer to the dryer BUT it will damage the tabs over time and it can also pick the diapers.
2-Use the Snaps Carefully- Don't grab and pull as hard as you can on the material to unsnap the Bum Pads from the micro-fleece. The snaps are there to help stabilize the inserts to make it easy to put on. Micro-fleece is a durable material that does not tear easily but that doesn't mean you can use brute force and rip the Bum pads straight out of the diaper. Hold as close to the snaps and then unsnap.(this is why there are no snaps in the back of our Bumbino- I really don't want to get that close to poop) The same is true for the adjustable snaps on the front of the diaper. It is best you hold closely to the snaps when unsnapping. This is good info for any diaper.
3-Detach Bum Pads from Bumbino prior to Washing and Drying- You will have those heavy wet pads pulling on your diaper as it tosses around your washer and dryer. This will become even more of a mess if you haven't secured the laundry tabs. Keep in mind our Bum Pads only attach at one end of the diaper so the pads are dragging the diaper around by 2 snaps. The Bum Pads will also extend out far enough to wrap around other diapers in the washer or dryer adding to the weight. So UnSnap before the Bath!
4-Bleach and Fabric Softner will breakdown Material overtime- I use bleach on my Hubby's T-shirts and after a few months they are see thru so Just imagine what it could do to your Fluffy Stash. Fabric softener also eats away the material plus it is usually loaded with perfumes that could irritate your baby.
5-Carefully select your detergent- you want to avoid a lot of stain removing properties and enzymes. Click here for a laundry chart guide.
6-Don't dry on Scorching Temperatures- When possible line dry. This not only saves your diapers but it saves on energy and there is nothing like a good ole sun bleaching. The sun can naturally bleach your inserts and kill bacteria.

There you have it- Your Bumbino can stay as good as the day you first opened it.

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