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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Ok so it is another Twitter party but this is a little different. Apparently there was supposed to be a Cloth Diaper manufacturer on the Ellen Show before Mother's Day. I know it wasn't Bum Essentials but other than that I have no idea anymore info on who was supposed to appear. Well as it turns out a disposable diaper company got in and the Cloth Manufacture was supposedly out. Well anyway cloth diapers aren't going to take this being tossed to the side. We want to be heard so we are going to tweet away and let everybody know what is so great about cloth diapers. Join in the Fun cause Twitter Parties are always fun. For great info on how to upload pictures and more about what really happened head on over to the Dirty Diaper Laundry where you always get the real scoop on the poop. Join in this Thursday night at 9 #operationfluffy. We want to Trend again so everyone will know about Cloth Diapers.

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Cute Baby
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