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Monday, May 17, 2010

How did you enjoy #operationfluffy? Thanks to TheEcoChic and DirtyDiaperLaundry we all set out to let everybody know how great cloth diapers are. We wanted to trend the topic but I was informed there was some big game on that night limiting our chances. It was not from a lack of trying. I heard there was over 3000 tweets from party attendees. It was all about how great cloth diapers are. If you attended you certainly learned some new benefit to using cloth diapers. The benefits included- Easy on the environment (no trees cut down to make cloth diapers and no landfills piled up with cloth diapers) Easy on the Wallet (this is a biggie) most say you will save about $1500 per child after you invest in your fluffy stash. Easy on the baby- lessens diaper rash- and from personal experience by far reduces diaper rashes. Easy on the eye- what baby doesn’t look cute in a fluff covered bum. Easy to use- a variety of styles to choose from suiting any parent’s needs. Easy to care for- Come on today’s washer comes with a setting for cloth diapers (this is how I discovered modern cloth) dump in add detergent and press a button- whew makes me work up a sweat just thinking about it- LOL And for those who say this waste energy – I saw many pictures of line drying cloth diapers- that in itself saves $$.

I can quote a few of my favorite tweets I heard- “Would you wear paper underwear” , “no one throws away clothes after one use so why a diaper” , “cloth is the new black”,

Share what you learned or your favorite tweets.

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  1. I LOVED the #operationfluffy twitter party!!

    I left you an award, too!



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