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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What A Party - 2 For Tues! Post Party Giveaway!

We showed Tuesday nights rock for cloth diaper chatter.Thanks to everybody who came out and joined in the fun. We has a great turnout. There was a lot of "Tweeting" going on. I hope if you were new to Bum Essentials you learned more about our line and why it is unique. If you are a current user you probably enjoyed the teases about the new additions in the future. We have been listening to your wants and needs and we will continue to do so.

The retailers of Bum Essentials are offering great post party specials. This is a great time to add to or build a fluffy stash. Here is a list with links to their stores.

The Baby Store Plus – Save 15% off with code BUME15 until 10/15/10

Happy Baby Bum – Buy 2 Bumbino’s and get a free BumPad (no code required) + FREE shipping on any BumEssentials order over $25 through 10/5/10 (code TWITTER)

Cloth Diaper U - Save 5% off all products (except bumGenius) contact them for details on how to claim $5 shipping all the time OR Free shipping on orders $75 +

Diaper Junction – Save 10% with code BUM10 + get FREE shipping on any BumEssentials order.

Fluff Envy – Buy one Bumbino – Get one Bumbino HALF OFF with code HALFBUM!
*Please contact the retailers for complete rules and expiration dates.


If you were lucky enough to win a prize at Tuesday nights party Congrats. If you were not a winner last night maybe you could be today. Bum Essentials is giving away-
1 Bumbino with 1 additional Classic Bum Pad

Here is how you can be entered to win
Post a comment below about what you like about Bum Essentials or what you learned about Bum Essentials and where you like to shop for your fluff. We will select 1 winner at random on Monday October 4th, 2010. Entries close Sunday October 3 midnight. We will post the winner on Monday so be sure to check back. You will have 24 hours to claim your prize. If the prize is not claimed another winner will be selected at random.

For comments to win be sure to include What you like or learned about BE and where you like to buy your fluff. No anonymous entries so will be able to identify a winner.


  1. I love my Bum Essentials! They are the only one-size diaper I have that I can get a perfect fit on my daughter EVERY time!!!
    husskl at comcast dot net

  2. I like the front snaps! And I love the snug fit to avoid leaks--that was a problem for our son early on. Also love that they don't have pockets. That's just one extra step I don't enjoy. I just found BE and would love to try them. I have gotten a lot of my cloth diapers at snootybootydiapers.com. Would love to try a BE diaper!

  3. I like that the shell can be reused so that makes for less laundry. I have also heard that they can be used without an insert as a swim diaper, that's awesome. At present I would buy from kelly's closet since they ship to Canada, but I heard a rumor that Maxwell Designs was thinking about carrying your diapers and then I would buy from them:)

  4. I love that BE are made with bamboo materials. So good for the earth!! I also LOVE to shop at Kelly's Closet but will definitely take the sales links above and spread the love! Thanks so much for the party!

  5. I like the elastic on the front and I like that yo can reuse the shell to save on laundry. I have not yet tried one but I would love to. If I were to order some it would be from kellyscloset

  6. I really love the fit on BE and that they are made from bamboo! I like to shop at Kelly's Closet!


  7. I learned that the shell can be reused and there's elastic in the front! I'd love one. I usually shop at Kelly's Closet but I'm a sucker for a good deal! Sorry deleted my other comment since I didnt post my email!
    onebatchick at hotmail dot com

  8. I love that your diapers don't have microfiber in them, and that your wetbags are reversible. I like to shop at Sprout Soup in Columbus, OH. Thanks for the chance!

    libby dot bloom dot hunt at gmail dot com

  9. I love the snaps!! I also don't have a bamboo diaper and would love to!! I purchased all my BG3.0 OS from random dealers, but wish I would have known about Kelly's closet 21 months ago and I would totally have purchased from them!!! They rock!

    allyson dot long at yahoo dot com

  10. I have never tried bum essentials before. But lastnight I leaned that they are made of bamboo and are super soft (so many people said)!
    I would love the chance to try one out and review it on my blog!
    I usually shop for fluff at nurtured family
    angela_heffner at yahoo dot com

  11. I haven't tried these yet but I like that they're made with bamboo (my son reacts to hemp) and it sounds like they have a great fit! I like to browse Kelly's Closet online but it's more fun looking in local baby boutiques to see them in person.

  12. I Have not tried a Bum Essentials but I would love to! I love the colors especially the green one! I like to shop at Mami's and Papi's for my fluff.

    beccajmann at gmail dot com

  13. I love that snap-in insert. And that it snaps in the front! Good design. I am just starting to build my stash so am still scoping out retailers for fluff! So far I have a couple from Nicki's Diapers.

    ebickell at hotmail dot com

  14. I love Bum Essentials for the extra elastic (no leaks!) and the cute closure in the front. I usually do my fluff shopping at Kelly's Closet.

    legoisking at gmail dot com

  15. I like that Bum Essentials diapers have the removable pad. I buy my fluff at Green Mountain Diapers.
    heidikittelson at gmail dot com

  16. I love that BE are AI2's and have front elastic. I haven't shopped with her yet, but my favorite retailer is Anna with The Baby Store Plus because she's so sweet :)
    Chelsey.Varela AT gmail DOT com

  17. I love that it is a 1 size diaper and that you are adding new colors and SNAPS- Oh snap;-p
    New to CD'ing so I don't have a favorite retailer yet, due in FEB!! Can't wait to try them out!

  18. I've never tried them, but I like that they are a combo between an AIO and a pocket! My favorite retailer is Mom's Milk Boutique.

    hmt90a at gmail.com

  19. I learned that BEs soaker snaps in the front so you don't have to touch any messes. I like to shop at Diaper Junction - it's local in my state, good selection, and fast shipping.


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  21. I want to try cloth diapering so BADLY! Hubby doesn't get paid until next week, so I can't start building my stash until then. I have been doing a lot of research via websites & thru a fellow momma blogger "The Mommy Times". She did a review on your diapers recently and I loved all the feedback she had. She has turned me onto this idea of cloth diapering after posting an educational article on them.

    From the Twitter party & reviews I have read on BumEssentials....I have seen that they have an excellent fit that prevents leaks. The diapers come in one size & have vibrant colors to choose from. I've also been told they are one of the easiest to use, which I need for just starting out b/c I don't want to get discouraged.

    I would love the opportunity to try one of your diapers for a review/giveaway, thru a contest, or just purchasing on my own!

    **I forgot a part on my 1st comment. I have never purchased any cloth diapers, so I don't have a favorite yet. However, I have heard that Cloth Diaper U, Fluff Envy, and Baby Store Plus were great places to purchase from.

    Katie Adams

  22. I've never tried a BumEssential, but I am interested to see how the elastic on the front helps the diapers fit. My fav place to shop is Kelly's Closet--the freebies and coupons are great!

  23. I like that the BE have removable pads and come in super colors! I shop at Kelly's Closet.

    kroshey at yahoo dot com

  24. I pretty much everything about the Bumbino including the organic materials, front elastic, OS, awesome Bum Pads, and bright colors! If I win, I'm giving it to my friend that is trying to build her stash :) I love to shop at Kelly's Closet b/c there is always a coupon or deal going on and you can earn reward points!

  25. I love the snap in soakers and that you don't have to change the shell everytime. I also love the bright colors that they come in. I like to buy my fluff at Fluff Envy..Justine is the best!!!

  26. I love the front elastic. I haven't had a chance to try a Bum Essentials diaper yet, but I also do like velcro closure because it's easy and I feel like I get a perfect fit. I Like Kelly's Closet and Fluff Envy and Diaper Junction. I often choose to shop where I can get free shipping though! Thanks for this chance to win!!

    katiekstewart at gmail dot com

  27. Great party!
    And I said these things there I love BE because they are super absorbent and so idea for tummy sleepers! Since the inserts snap in the front I don't have to worry about them slipping out of the wet zone and the elastic in the front means no leaky gaps! And if I heard right, I learned that there may be new colors coming. :)
    Ashley G
    ashley.thomas05 (at) yahoo . com

  28. The thing I like most about BE is that the pads don't stink! All my other pocket inserts get stinky because of the terribly hard water in my area. All three of my bum pads are still stink free after months of use with no extra effort!!

    As for shopping, I buy pretty much everything from Diaper Junction. If they sell it, I buy it!

    bekkih13 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  29. I like the front elastic...it gives a great fit! I don't really have a favorite store but have bought from Cotton Babies before!

  30. I love the snap in soakers! I buy most of my fluff online.

  31. I like that they are a OS diaper and that they have snaps!

    bakergurl02 @ yahoo.com

  32. I like how trim it looks and I buy pretty much all of my fluff at http://extraordinarybabyshoppe.com/!

  33. hi! I loved the Twitter party but didn't win so I am hoping to win here! :) What I like about BE Bumbinos is that they have that nice fleecy lining in the cover - it traps any extra moisture to keep baby really dry. I buy my fluff all online, have bought from numerous diaper shops like Diaper Junction, and Happy Cotton Tails, Diaper Envy and more! :)
    jkrs01 @comcast.net

  34. I like the elastic at the front of the diaper which helps keep everything inside the diaper and prevents gaping at the tummy. We but most of our fluff at Caterpillarbaby.com

    cubryn (at)gmail (dot) com

  35. i love that you use bamboo, it seems to work much better for my son. he leaks through other ones much quicker!
    csilve03 at yahoo dot com

  36. I haven't tried Bum Essentials yet. We've only been cloth diapering for about 4 months and are still trying to figure out what our favorite features are. I like bamboo diapers so that is a plus and I also like that that there is elastic in the front, they are OS and the bright colors are awesome! I like to buy my fluff from www.mamisandpapis.com

    Katie Phillips
    khaymax at hotmail dot com

  37. My favorite thing about BumEssentials is the GREAT customer service!! and, well, the awesome dipes of course!

    ...and I like to shop for diapers wherever there's a sale! Kellys Closet earns my business from time to time :)

  38. I have not been able to try one of your diapers yet :) but I am dying to because everyone talks about how absorbent they are and hold up to heavy toddlers. I like to shop at Kelly closet :) lindsayandandy@hotmail.com

  39. I like that you can reuse the shell to save laundry!! Great feature!! :)
    Elizabeth G.

  40. I learned in the chat that you guys have bamboo inserts, which I'd really like to try. I hear they're much more absorbent. I buy my fluff at Cotton Babies as well as locally at Top to Bottom Baby Boutique!

    ShowLove40 at hotmail dot com

  41. I haven't tried them yet but I like the fact that the shells can be reused if not soiled and I love bamboo in my daughter's diapers.

  42. I've never tried BumEssentials, but I would like to. I love the all the primary colors that you carry. So nice and bright! :)

    kaye333 at hotmail dot com
    krista m

  43. I love that BE are AI2 diapers and I love how soft they are. I love to buy fluff at The Baby Store Plus.
    bwneyes100 AT hotmail DOT com

  44. The thing I've learned that I love most is the elastic in the front. Would
    love to try this with my boy. And I always buy my diapers from Kelly's Closet.

  45. I have not yet tried one of your diapers but I learned that they have elastic in the front and that they are made with bamboo, which I love. I have also heard that they are great for toddlers. I like to buy my fluff from sweetbottoms baby, fluff envy, and recently purchased a few things from ragababe. My email is lisagordon56@hotmail.com

  46. I learned that your diapers are organic and not microfiber! I really like Kelly's Closet or Abby's Lane :)

  47. I love that they are bamboo and I love they at night with a fleec liner, so trim!


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