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Monday, February 22, 2010

FAQ- Cloth

Are cloth diapers easy to clean?
Most people new to cloth diapering have heard how hard it is to clean them. Years ago it was alot harder to clean alot of things. I know grandmas who washeddiapers by HAND for thier first children. Can you imagine? So of course disposables became popular. Nowadays we have washers that are fully capable of washing cloth diapers. This makes cleaning your cloth diapers a breeze.
Do I have to bleach the diapers or inserts?
NO you do not have to bleach you inserts or diapers. Follow the directions for laundry care and your diapers won't need anything else. Bleach can cause the material to break down and the longevity of your diaper and inserts will be greatly reduced. I have never had any stained diapers from regular washings without bleach.
Can I use fabic softner on my diapers and inserts?
Fabric softner is not reccomended. They can also break down fabrics reducing the lifetime of the diapers and inserts. It is also not good because some babies can be sensitive to fabric softners.
Can a baby easily take off your diaper?
Depending on your baby will depend on if the diapers can be taken off. Some babies are masters at removing any type of clothing including diapers. If you have used disposable diapers before in comparison the cloth diaper is much more secure.
Is the velcro closure irritating to the baby's skin?
Our velcro closure does not come into contact with the skin. Therfore the closure does not irritate the skin. The diaper is lined with micro fleece so only softness comes into contact with your baby.

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